Carnegie Mellon University

Regression Analysis for Political Science

Course Number: 84-701

Regression Analysis for Political Science I (RAPS I) will teach students to conduct bivariate and multivariate linear regression models. Students will learn about analysis of variance, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, interpretation of estimates, model fit, models with dummy variables, model predictions, model diagnostics, and basic data visualizations. RAPS I will train political science graduate students in using R statistical software, making them competent in this key research tool in the field of political science. Materials for this course will include instructions and examples using R, and there will be a strong emphasis in conducting exercises and learning from applied examples.

Academic Year: 2022-2023
Semester(s): Fall
Required/Elective: Required
Units: 12
Location(s): Pittsburgh

Fall 2022
Tuesday and Thursday
11:50 AM-1:10 PM

Required course for the following IPS degrees:
Master of Science in International Relations and Politics