Glen de Vries (S 1994)

glen-de-vries-headshot-1000x1000.jpgGlen de Vries (S 1994)
Co-CEO, Medidata and author of The Patient Equation: The Precision Medicine Revolution in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond

Glen de Vries is co-CEO and co-founder of Medidata, the most-used platform for clinical trials around the world. Medidata has powered tens of thousands of clinical trials, with millions of patients and billions of patient records. In 2019, in one of the largest health care technology acquisitions in history, Medidata became part of Dassault Systèmes. Glen has been driving Medidata’s mission since the company’s inception in 1999, “powering smarter treatments and healthier people” by advancing pharmaceutical business transformation with technology, non-traditional ways of thinking and industry collaboration. Glen’s publications have appeared in Applied Clinical Trials, Cancer, The Journal of Urology, Molecular Diagnostics and other journals. He serves as a trustee of Carnegie Mellon University and is the author of The Patient Equation (de Vries & Blachman, 2020).

Glen received his undergraduate degree in molecular biology and genetics from Carnegie Mellon University, worked as a research scientist at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and studied computer science at New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

You can follow Glen on Twitter at @CaptainClinical