The Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA) degree has three main curricular components:

1) BHA General Education (Gen Ed)
The BHA General Education curriculum is a modified version of the DC General Education program. In addition, students are required to fulfill BXA-specific courses.

1. Communicating: Language and Interpretations (3 courses)
2. Reflecting: Societies and Cultures (1 course)
3. Modeling: Mathematics and Experiments (1 course)
4. Deciding: Social Sciences and Values (3 courses)
5. University Requirement: Computing @ Carnegie Mellon (1 mini-course)
6. BXA Required Courses (5 courses)

BHA Gen Ed course requirements [PDF]

2) College of Fine Arts (CFA) Concentration
Students choose their fine arts concentration from among the five schools in CFA: Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, or Music. A student must meet entry requirements for the specific CFA school of their choice. While in the BHA Program, a student may change their CFA concentration only if they pass all admission requirements for that particular CFA school.

CFA concentration course requirements [PDF]:
Architecture | Art | Design | Drama | Music

3) Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC) Concentration
Students choose their humanities or social/behavioral concentration from the list of majors and minors offered by DC. Areas of concentration are selected from the following departments: Economics, English, History, Institute for Politics and Strategy, Interdepartmental Studies, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Social and Decision Sciences, Statistics. Please consult with the BHA advisor to determine the most appropriate DC concentration.

The DC Concentration Declaration sheet [PDF] should be submitted by the end of the sophomore year. For DC concentrations listed, please refer to the appropriate concentration curriculum sheet available from the BHA advisors. For concentrations not listed, the DC Concentration Curriculum sheet [PDF] also must be filled out in consultation with the DC faculty advisor.


BHA General Education
CFA Concentration
DC Concentration
111 units
108 units
81 units
300 units
Free Electives
+ 78 units


The BHA Curriculum can also be found in the Undergraduate Catalog along with BXA Academic Standards.

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