As a BHA student, you have an extensive network of advisors to assist in:

  • defining your focus within CFA/DC
  • deciding which courses to take each semester
  • exploring future study in your area of focus

    Please take advantage of this rich network of support.
Concentration Academic Advisor Office Phone Email Web
BHA Primary Academic Advisors
BXA Director
& Academic Advisor
M. Stephanie Murray Solar House x8-1745 email web
Junior, Senior & Prospective BHA students: Schedule an appointment
BXA Associate Director
& Academic Advisor
Carrie Settle Hagan Solar House x8-8326 email web
First-year, Sophomore & Prospective BHA students: Schedule an appointment
BHA College of Fine Arts (CFA) Academic Advisors
Architecture Doug Cooper MMCH 412B x8-2367 email web
Art Mark Cato CFA 300C x8-1531 email web
Design Steve Stadelmeier MMCH 204B x8-6952 email web
Drama Amy Nichols PCA 223 x8-1581 email web
Music Sharon Johnston CFA 108 x8-2385 email web
BHA Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC) Academic Advisors
For questions about the BHA GENERAL EDUCATION requirements, students should visit the DC Academic Advisory Center in Baker Hall A-57. For DC concentrations not listed, please contact Stephanie Murray to determine the most appropriate DC advisor.
Undecided DC
Interdisciplinary DC
Ana Maria Ulloa-Shields
(DC Assistant Dean
& Director of AAC)
BH A-57 x8-2924 email web
Anthropology Paul Eiss BH 336 x8-6580 email web
Behavioral Economics, Policy & Organizations Lizzy Stoyle BH 208G x8-7810 email web
Cognitive Neuroscience
Cognitive Science
Erik Thiessen BH 342G x8-6747 email web
Creative Writing
Jim Daniels BH 260B x8-2842 email web
Decision Science
Policy & Management
Connie Angermeier PH 208A x8-3251 email web
Economics Kathleen Conway GSIA 131 x8-3121 email web
Professional Writing
Technical Writing
James Wynn BH 145M x8-9765 email web
Environmental Studies John Soluri BH 240 x8-7122 email web
Ethics Mara Harrell BH 152 x8-8152 email web
Ethics, History, & P. P.
Public Policy
Alex London BH 150A x8-4938 email web
Global Studies
Social & Political History
Andrew Ramey BH 240F x8-7906                  email web
Global Systems & Management Brandy Wilson PH 223A x8-3066 email web
Information Systems Gary DiLisio PH 222B x8-9592 email web
International Relations & Politics Emily Half BH A55B x8-7082 email web
Japanese Studies Yasufumi Iwasaki BH 139C x8-8053 email web
Linguistics Tom Werner BH 155F x8-3375 email web
Philosophy Joel Smith BH 161C x8-8946 email web
Statistics & Machine Learning
Samantha Nielsen BH 132A x8-8463 email web
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