Bachelor of Science and Arts Students 2017-2018

Student MCS Concentration CFA Concentration Email Web
Kurtz, Rosa Physics Art email  
Westheimer, Jessa Neurobiology Art email  
Caballero, Margaret (Maggie) Chemistry Music email  
Kim, Catherine Seung Physics Art email  
Moore, Zoe Mathematical Sciences Art email  
Stephen, Isobel Biological Sciences Art email  
Destremps, Tyler Neurobiology Music email  
Lee, Esther Biological Sciences Music email  
Belsey, Parley Neurobiology Art email  
Cheng, Odelia Biological Sciences Art email  
Groves, Rebecca Mathematical Sciences Art email  
Foster, Brandon Biological Sciences Music email  
Gil-Silva, Mauricio Neurobiology Music email  
Mandracchia, Abbey Neurobiology Music email  
Cassel, Adrienne Neurobiology Art email web
Zasacky, Shelby Mathematical Sciences Art email  
Scherr, Ruth Mathematical Sciences Drama email  
Mantha, Kabir Mathematical Sciences Music email  
Senavsky, Valerie Chemistry Music email  
Teichman, Theodore Neurobiology Music email web
Tejada, Spenser Chemistry Music email  

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