Bachelor of Humanities and Arts Students 2017-2018

Student DC Concentration CFA Concentration Email Web
Banchero, Lena Global Studies Art email  
Lee, Eileen H&SS Art email  
Sells, Grace H&SS Art email  
Lenoe, Simon Social & Political History Music email  
Maday, Elizabeth English Music email  
Cheon, Na Eun (Nana) H&SS Art email web
Du, Selina Economics Art email  
Knox, Clelia Anthropology Art email  
Lee, Ji Hyun Decision Science Art email  
Rapaport, Zachary Social & Political History Art email  
Stephen, Isobel Cognitive Neuroscience Art email  
Sun, Jialin (Charlene) H&SS Art email  
Tedesco, Tami English Art email  
Tsui, Helen Psychology Art email  
Schnerr, Juliana Creative Writing Design email  
Hesselroth, Amy (Mercedes) Decision Science Drama email  
Schmidt, Natalie Professional Writing Drama email  
Abalos, Theresa H&SS Music email  
Albright, Alec Statistics Music email  
Chau, Connie Economics Music email  
Hahn, Andrew Statistics Music email  
Suh, Minjung (Jane) Economics Art email  
Crumley, Anne Statistics Art email  
Desaulles, Chloe Cognitive Neuroscience Art email web
Goparaju, Archana (Tina) Ethics, History, & Public Policy Art email  
Huang, Shuangni (Annie) Decision Science Art email  
Huddleston, Grace Global Studies Art email  
Phang, Christine Psychology Art email  
Rolland, Morgan Psychology Art email  
See, Yong Xin (Daniel) Decision Science Art email  
Chheath, Carolyn Cognitive Science Design email web
Lai, Hilary Psychology Design email web
Beck, Anna-Jamieson Professional Writing Drama email  
Bizier, Brian Creative Writing Drama email  
Madrigal, Renee Anthropology Drama email  
Romero, Stefan Social & Political History Drama email  
Sierra-Hernandez, Paloma Creative Writing Drama email  
Bellovin, Jill Creative Writing Music email  
Lee, Kevin Cognitive Science Music email  
Orbach, Gabriella Cognitive Neuroscience Music email  
Adetola, Olanrewaju Global Systems & Management Art email  
Anderson, Melanie Japanese Studies Art email web
Hepner, Ella Global Studies Art email  
Houston, Jenna Gender Studies Art email web
Howard, Zaria Statistics & Machine Learning Art email  
James, Antonia Logic & Computation Art email  
Jang, Youhyun Economics Art email web
Kim, Bo Ethics, History, & Public Policy Art email  
Lin, Amy Psychology Art email web
Mok, Yoon Seo (Eunice) Cognitive Science Art email web
Quasebarth, Madeline Anthropology Art email  
Smith, Olivia Ethics, History, & Public Policy Art email  
Sohn, Soo Jin Global Systems & Management Art email  
Stinson-Hurwitz, Sarah Gender Studies Art email  
Striepe, Chantal East Asian Studies Art email web
Sunder, Gowri Psychology Art email  
Ting, Melody Cognitive Science Art email web
Tsai, Katherine Psychology Art email web
Wong, Grace Global Systems & Management Art email web
Brown, Joshua Technical Writing Music email  
Chabassol, Stephen Creative Writing Music email web
Darr, Kevin Logic and Computation Music email  
Didonato, Anthony Behavioral Economics, Policy & Organizations Music email  
Dunnison, Spencer Cognitive Neuroscience Music email  
Han, Aisha Economics Music email  
Stewart, Emily Global Studies Music email  
Tait, Colin Ethics, History, & Public Policy Music email  

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