SEPTEMBER 27, 2009

Backgrounder: Carnegie Mellon Student Creates Large “Help Wanted” Art Installation To Encourage Collaboration and Help with World’s Problems
By Eric Sloss, CFA Press Release, September 27, 2009

Sarah CeurvorstPITTSBURGH— Led by Carnegie Mellon University first year student Sarah Ceurvorst, art students are installing large painted tarpons carrying a simple message of hope for world leaders. The artwork carries the words “help wanted” and measures 100 yards by 50 yards, or about the size of a football field. Ceurvorst said she chose the theme to encourage everyone to help each other and discourage people from violence, fear and degradation.

“We need to come together, find common ground and aid each other in our time of need,” said Ceurvorst. “Help wanted means that we do not need violent protests that will only cause chaos and fear. We need to remember that the G-20 is about coming together to try and find a solution to some of the world’s major problems. It should be a time of aid, of helping others, of crossing boundaries and overlooking differences.”

The artwork will be installed Thursday morning on a soccer field adjacent to the Gesling Stadium and remain there through the end of the Pittsburgh Summit on Friday.

Ceurvorst is a Bachelor of Humanities and Art (BHA) major. The BHA degree is an interdisciplinary degree offered between the College of Fine Arts and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.