NOVEMBER 16, 2009

Carnegie Mellon's Bachelor of Science and Arts Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary
By Eric Sloss, CFA Press Release, November 16, 2009

Bachelor of Science and ArtsPITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA) program, a joint interdisciplinary program between its College of Fine Arts (CFA) and Mellon College of Science (MCS).

Ten years ago, students expressed a desire for an academic program that allowed them to combine their artistic and scientific passions with scholarship, resulting in the creation of the BSA program. Different from a traditional double major, the BSA is an integrated degree that joins fine arts and natural sciences or mathematics scholarship, allowing the student to develop and cultivate their interests simultaneously.

"The BSA program is not the summation of two interests," said Franco Sciannameo, director of Carnegie Mellon's Interdisciplinary Degree Programs (BXA). "Students don't develop one interest and then the other, but develop a strategy to combine them in a way that will generate something new and ultimately give us new forms of knowledge."

The BSA program is part of Carnegie Mellon's Interdisciplinary Degree Programs, which also includes a Bachelor of Humanities and Art (BHA) and Bachelor of Computer Science and Art (BCSA). Since its creation, enrollment in BXA programs has grown to more than 100 students.

"The programs continue to grow as more and more students begin to realize that sciences and the arts can be pursued concurrently," Sciannameo said. "Artists can be scientists and scientists can be artists."