MAY 2, 2012

MART, May 2, 2012

Anihccam del 3000Following the 2009 revival of Fortunato Depero’s famous Balli Plastici in digital version, Franco Sciannameo and his team of students at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) Noah Alzayer, Chengfu Chen, Dong Kan, Steven Jones, Maria Tartaglia, Mohit Sadhu, Paola Soriano, and MZ Zhang will present in DVD format Depero’s ballet Anihccam del 3000 at Casa d’Arte Futurista Depero in Rovereto, Italy on May 2 at 6:00pm.

Following the video presentation, the group will illustrate the working process that included 2D and 3D animations, film, and motion capture techniques.

Fortunato Depero conceived Anihccam del 3000 with composer Franco Casavola in 1924, following the experiences of Chant du Rossignol (1917) and Balli Plastici (1918).

Anihccam del 3000 marked Depero’s return to dance. This time though, instead of marionettes as in Balli Plastici, Depero’s protagonists were actors dressed as locomotives. Thus, a mechanized ballet–with the word "macchina" spelled backwards–was choreographed through machine-like movements and noises. In contrast, the ballet’s plot consisted of a story of unrequited love between a stationmaster and two locomotives.

This digital version develops the subject that Depero had devised, and takes place in three phases: (1) Rail-Air Station of the future inspired by sketches of Antonio Sant’Elia with music by Luigi Russolo, (2) Travel of locomotives through pastoral landscapes painted by Depero with music by Igor Stravinsky, (3) Arrival of locomotives and their metamorphosis into humanoids, followed by a pas de deux with music by Leo Delibes.

Only a poster and a sketch of scenery of this work remained preserved in the Permanent Collection of MART (Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Trento-Rovereto).