MARCH 20, 2009

Paper Planes
By Katherine Chin and Alexandra Legrady, The Frame Gallery, March 20, 2009

Katherine ChinKatherine ChinKatherine ChinKatherine ChinFolding was used in architecture during the deconstructivist movement as an alternative type of architectural form to overcome the uniformity in modern architecture. Zaha Hadid, a very influential female architect, uses the idea of folding in her work to simulate the tectonics of the Earth’s layers, and thus providing a memorable experience for visitors. The concept of the fold can be applied to fields other than architecture. Our idea is to stretch the boundaries of the traditional materials used in clothing by exploring the potential of fabric as a material. We experimented with different folding techniques to change the form and structure of the material, and play with the integration of origami in fashion. The manipulation of material changes the qualities of light and shadow in each fold and crease, and creates three-dimensional textures and dynamic movements. We intend to inspire the audience to think innovatively about the possibility of materials and their use in unpredictable ways. We want them to approach our designs with skepticism and question the materiality of the design.