JULY 21, 2011

Moonrush Wins Botsker Award at Robot Film Festival
AstroBotic Technology, Inc., July 21, 2011

This past Saturday, Jonathan Minard and Michael Pisano of Deepspeed media, a production team making a documentary about Astrobotic, accepted the first Botsker Award in the category of Visionary Futures at the first annual Robot Film Festival.

On winning the Botsker Prize, Jonathan said, “This small but auspicious recognition is dedicated to the Astrobotic Team and to the future of space exploration. During a week in which we have seen the retirement of the shuttle program, the media has pronounced the Space Age dead… The success of Astrobotic’s mission will prove that this is just the beginning of a new revolution in commercial space exploration, empowered by robotics.”

The Moonrush Trailer can be watched below:

  Jonathan Minard
The Bokster Award, featuring robot mascot Retro, was crafted from 3D printed plastic and laser-engraved wood.