JANUARY 27, 2011

Lunar Gala spotlight: bluebird by Carolyn Supinka
d'arteboard, January 27, 2011

Carolyn SupinkaCarolyn is a BHA student majoring in Creative Writing and Art.

Who and what are you design inspirations? Did you have a budget for your line?
Other than attempting to listen to the nagging voice in the back of my head reminding me that I can’t live on chiffon and silk, no. I definitely tried to stick with reasonable prices for fabric, but the store where I bought most of my fabric (Mood)had such amazing materials- so many beautiful textures and colors- I really couldn’t resist.

What is the name of your line and why?
The name of my line is bluebird. A lot of the inspiration for my line comes from childhood- fairytales, forests, nature- one of the most magical parts of my childhood was a a little bird made of blue glass that I had. Its wing was chipped, but it still looked like it came from another world. The name also comes from a series of stories I’m writing about a girl named Blue. She’s a teenage girl who lives in the suburbs and only has a Russian bear named Peter as her friend. These dresses are what I imagine Blue wears.

What can people expect when they see your clothes?
People can definitely expect a story from my line. Each dress has a certain tone and character behind it. Everything, from the music to the colors, textures, accessories, and flow, all contributes to a world and story that I am trying to create. Sometimes I think that if a designer puts all of their effort and thought into a piece, a sense of purpose is instilled in it. The idea that inspired the clothing is so powerful that this purpose is inherent in the piece itself, and the wearer can’t help but do what the clothing demands. I want my clothing to create a character that the wearer is compelled to become.

The 15th Annual Lunar Gala fashion show is on Saturday, February 5th 2011 at 8pm