FEBRUARY 23, 2004

Kaleidoscope at the Frame: A colorful display by students of the BHA and BSA schools
By Daniella Kraut, The Tartan, February 23, 2004

This week at the Frame, BHA and BSA students have accomplished something quite significant with Kaleidoscope, an annual exhibition of their artwork and performances. Somewhere between a series of black and white photos by Julia Hustwit, a senior in BHA, which captures the simplicity of the cityscape, and the stuffed animal creations of sophomore BHA Marina Kliger, it becomes clear that this is not art created in a vacuum. There is nothing stuffy, overly intellectual, or artsy-fartsy about anything being shown. It's not pedestrian either. Maybe it is because of what the BHA and BSA programs allow: art within a context. The opportunity to work within the spheres of design, architecture, music, drama, science, and the humanities allows for authenticity.

At the opening reception on Friday, live music was provided by Kathleen Agres, a junior BSA who played the cello as students whose pieces were on exhibition milled about, enjoying an assortment of refreshments and explaining their artwork to interested peers. Because of the nature of Kaleidoscope, there was no specific theme to the show as a whole. Instead, many artists chose to establish a theme within a series of their work. Fouteen paintings by sophomore BHA Jennifer Keinard of cows with words on each to create the sentence "Fourteen cows standing in a row rendered in the most exquisite detail" serves as a perfect example. Also, a three-part series of oil on canvas paintings by Joanna Ricou, senior BSA, explored the use of deep reds, oranges, and yellows.

One of the most interesting pieces on exhibit was a wall filled with envelopes containing fictional invitations to different events and RSVP cards for people to fill out. This was created by senior BHAs Astrid Chow and Laura Conred with the intention of being extremely interactive. Many people thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to read each invitation.

Sculptures by first-year BHA Juliet Pusateri and senior BHA Zach Svigals comfortably filled the space in the main room of The Frame. Specifically, a sculpture created out of metal piping by the latter, Svigals, embraces a grace of industrial design.

Patrick Donnelly, a junior in BSA, experimented with light as seen through the medium of glass in a collection of black and white photographs and senior BHA Stephanie Natale's color photographs of beautiful, old stone buildings and archways explored elements of spece. There were also other photo exhibits at the Frame on Friday.

A number of movies, created individually by sophomore Tali Blankfeld and senior Yann Seznec, both BHAs, were also an integral part of the exhibition. They vary greatly in genre and composition. Seznec's movie, which was filmed in Avignon, France captured a feel for the city and demands the attention of the viewer through its beautiful shots of cafes, a perfectly French town square, and tiny stone streets.

Brian Mathias, a first-year BHA, has one of his musical compositions available on a walkman for listening. "I think Kaleidoscope is a great opportunity for us to display work that combines what we are studying," said Mathias.

The Frame is open 12-5 pm, Friday through Tuesday. Frame opening receptions are held on Friday, 7-9 pm. Call 412.268.2081 for more information.