APRIL 8, 2013

CMU alumni have style:
New personal styling website features three-step process

By Amy Tsien, The Tartan, April 8, 2013

Share Some StyleOur school may not have fashion as an available major, but students keep surprising the world with their talents in this field. Gela Nash-Taylor’s Juicy Couture, for example, is one of the most renowned brands from a Carnegie Mellon alumna (CFA ’78). Now, the up-and-coming personal styling website sharesomestyle.com is about to continue this legacy.

Carnegie Mellon alumna Diane Loviglio (BHA ’05) and her husband Gil Tolle (SCS ’05) just founded the business in November 2012, but the newborn company already has a total of 35 stylists in New York City, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. A couple of the current stylists, Anya Weitzman (BHA ’12) and Kristen Staab (BHA ’11), are also Carnegie Mellon alumnae.

Before starting sharesomestyle.com, Loviglio and Tolle both tried working at different startups. “ [Gil’s] got acquired, so he was at Cisco for a few years. I went to freelance a bunch of startups, then I went to take up a full-time job for a year and a half, but then we both quit on the same day in November to do this full-time,” Loviglio said. Ultimately, the Carnegie Mellon couple decided to dedicate their all to this company.

The idea behind the site is a simple three-step process: “Find a Stylist,” “Get a Closet Audit,” and “Do a Shopping Trip.” The first step requires you to review stylists’ profiles, which include before-and-after pictures of their previous clients; get to know the stylists through phone calls, email, and social networking. Once you pick your favorite, you may book a session with him or her and then pay online.

Next, your stylist visits your home for about two hours. As a team, you mix and match clothes you already have, throw out or donate the clothes that do not fit your style, and make a shopping list of all the new items that will contribute to your new style and fill the newfound gaps in your closet. Finally, you will shop with your stylist for another two hours to pick out new outfits, check the fit, and help you get out of your comfort zone. The whole process occurs that typically ranges from $30 to $90 an hour.

To ensure the security of clients and the validity of the stylists, clients can check stylists’ website profiles and social network pages, as well as the blogs that both stylists and previous clients post on sharesomestyle.com.

As Loviglio explained, “They put together a ‘My Style’: They upload photos that they like, photo shoots that they have styled for before or [for] their past clients. Also, they may put in a couch or a teapot that they like, so clients can have a better understanding of their static and feel like, ‘Oh, I can relate to that person!’ ”

Mother’s Day and graduation are two big upcoming celebratory events, and sharesomestyle.com is taking this opportunity to launch its newest feature — gift cards — in order to meet the demand for fresh and practical presents. The idea is that people can sign up their friends and family members for the service.

It is truly inspiring to see people from our school supporting each other toward the same goal even after college — a goal toward personal styling, no less. Who says our school doesn’t care about fashion?