APRIL 20, 2011

Project to End Human Trafficking assists Pittsburgh City Councilman Doug Shields
The Project to End Human Trafficking, April 20, 2011

Carnegie Mellon University students Jessica Dickson Goodman, Ismail Smith-Wade-El and members of the Project to End Human Trafficking assisted Pittsburgh City Councilman Doug Shields in developing a bill aimed at licensing massage parlor employees in the city of Pittsburgh. The bill would force businesses to open their books to auditors and create a means for police to uncover any possible illegal activities, the bill also includes a list of operational requirements for massage parlors.

"Councilman Shields is committed to ending human slavery in Pittsburgh, and this bill is a testament to his dedication," commented Project director Mary Burke. "We truly appreciate the attention that he has brought to this issue and his recognition that this is a problem in Pittsburgh; we can no longer turn a blind eye to the fact that this is happening in our city."

Details of the press conference on April 18, 2011, including an audio interview with the Project's Jamie Turek, can be found here.