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Integrated Product Development (IPD) Capstone

The Integrated Product Development (IPD) course at Carnegie Mellon pioneered the field of integrated product development, setting the standard for courses of its kind. Originating nearly 30 years ago, the course continues to grow and give students an opportunity to tackle the evolving needs of industry. Through their extensive research and teaching, the core IPD faculty have created unique tools and methodologies that have become key to the course.  The faculty have written multiple books on innovation, including the text Creating Breakthrough Products, by Jonathan Cagan and Craig Vogel, which is the cornerstone of the course.

The emphasis of the IPD course is on the early, "fuzzy front end" stage of product development. The course gives structure and clarity to this stage as well as to the ones that follow and helps direct the product development process to be more efficient and effective downstream.

Featured Video: The IPD Build-a-thon

In the earlier stages of the IPD capstone, MII-PS students participate in a build-a-thon, where they spend a day in the workshop rapidly building out early prototypes and bringing their ideas to life.

Examples of Past IPD Problem Statements

Past IPD Problem statements include:

Develop interior features that expand the market for the LEAF, Nissan's zero-emission vehicle. View a Team Video.

New Balance
Create products and explore user needs and wants for a core market (middle-aged women), a new market (overweight Americans), and a new acquisition (cleated sports).

Design products focused on sleep therapy.

Navistar International - Truck Group
Examining lifestyle and work-oriented features in trucks and their brand associations. Various classes and projects culminated in features in the LoneStar long haul truck.

Increase safety of those in commercial building construction, for heavy highway/bridge construction, or for first-responders. View Project Video.

Create after market products for the bed of the F150, and create interior features of the Ford Escape (two class sponsorships).

Design products focused on monitoring of the human body in extreme situations.

Navistar International - Monaco RV
Identify opportunities and develop concepts for new mobile home interiors and exteriors to meet the needs and desires of both existing and new customer segments. View a Team Video.

Proctor & Gamble
Explore how sustainability could enable P&G’s Air Care brand to transform the current Air Care category. View a Team Video.

Design Advance Systems
Identify new business opportunities for the company's primary software product.

Dormont Manufacturing
Anticipate the commercial kitchen of the future, recognizing that it is a highly efficient production environment, identifying innovative opportunities aligned with company capabilities.

Watch our playlist of past IPD project videos:

Past IPD Sponsors

Here is a sample list of former corporate sponsors for the IPD capstone course:

P&G Logo   
Philips Respironics Logo  
New Balance Logo  


For more examples of the Integrated Innovation Institute's past corporate sponsors, visit our Past Projects & Sponsors page.