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Corporate Engagement

The Integrated Innovation Institute offers various touch-points for corporate engagement with our students and faculty, pairing our innovation processes with industry needs in the areas of sponsorships, recruiting and executive education.

Sponsor a Project

The Integrated Innovation Institute partners with industry leaders throughout our intensive coursework to bring new product and service opportunities to life. Sponsored projects have resulted in more than 15 patents, and our corporate partners are diverse in industry, including healthcare, transportation (auto, truck and airlines), consumer goods, and industrial-safety equipment.

Our approach allows our partners to gain valuable insight into a current challenge they are facing, while also having the opportunity to engage directly with our qualified pool of student innovators. At the end of the project, student teams develop form and function models and marketing and manufacturing plans for the product concepts.

Learn more about sponsor opportunities including a list of past sponsors, or watch examples of past projects in the playlist below:

Recruit Our Students

Recruit our current and former students to build your talent pool with uniquely-trained elite innovators. View our upcoming recruiting opportunities for more information.

Participate in Executive Education

Our Executive Education programs are valuable for corporations looking to get a fresh view on their approach to innovation. The programs can be tuned to the needs of individual companies, giving the format that best suits their objective via workshops, lectures and/or discussion groups. Topics include product innovation, managing innovation teams, and values and purchase motivations of the Millennial customer. Learn more about our Executive Education programs.

Project Sponsorship


Executive Education