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Executive Education

Integrated Innovation offers exciting Executive Education programs that can be tuned to the needs of individual companies.  Topics include product innovation, managing innovation teams, and values and purchase motivations of the millennial customer.  The Institute also offers unique corporate innovation activities that pair industry teams with Institute faculty and students to explore new market exploration and product concept projects.

Previous Programs


Tepper Millennials - Executive Education

One of the focal research themes for Integrated Innovation has been the values, purchase motivations and behavior of millennials. This 2-day course has been developed out of the deep insights resulting from Integrated Innovation’s millennial segmentation study focused on lifestyle values and buying interests.

Understanding and Marketing to Millennials will be an active learning experience for participating marketing, advertising, and business development professionals. The program will combine interactive discussions of research and industry knowledge that defines the overall segment, a detailed looks at Integrated Innovation's segmentation study, case study enabled scenario building to explore how marketing plans must differ between segments, and direct application to participant’s target millennial consumer segment.

This program is designed for Marketing professionals from brands, advertising agencies, research and consulting firms.


Super Flexible Teams

Research from the Integrated Innovation Institute provides unique and actionable insights on how teams can be super flexible and super innovative. This program has been developed to help technology, product development, and/or marketing leaders and their teams learn about effective business practices for succeeding in a rapidly changing world with compressed market time frames regularly disrupted by innovation.

Participants will discover how entrepreneurs and innovative companies thrive on change and uncertainty. The program provides an opportunity to apply fundamental research findings in cognitive psychology that support adaptability and creativity of teams. Methods for training cross-functional teams to excel at innovation merges discipline thinking within a formal innovation methodology that results in creative teams and innovative outcomes during problem solving. A hands-on project will reinforce the integrated innovation methods.

This program is designed for leaders in Technology, IT, Marketing, and their operating groups/teams.


The Integrated Innovation Institute unites three disciplines to train company teams to become elite innovators, with enhanced creative thinking and business results. This 3-day program will relate insights from research in innovation methods, addressing multidisciplinary teams covering functional performance (engineering), human interface (design), and economic value (business). Participants will learn and practice a systematic innovation approach to delivering innovation, understanding the gain of integration and collaboration. Multidisciplinary corporate teams will put insights into practice real time during the sessions simultaneously learning and making progress on innovation projects. New innovation processes, customer research methods, value opportunity analysis and solution ideation are key elements of this experiential program.

This program is designed for Cross Functional Product Development Teams from individual (non-competing) companies and/or multiple teams from an individual corporation.

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