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Career Paths

Graduates from the Integrated Innovation Institute are prepared as elite innovators to solve today's industry and social problems with the fields of product development, software management, project management and design thinking.

Product Development

The career paths and positions held by MII-PS alumni vary based on their undergraduate academic backgrounds, talents, skills, interests and years of work experience prior to entering the program. Some positions/titles held by alumni include:

  • Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Design Researcher & Strategist
  • Experience Design Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • New Ventures Team Member
  • President

Software Management

To truly stand out in the competitive software industry, you’ll also need to master modern approaches for managing software people, processes, and projects.  This skill set requires proficiency in both business and technology domains, equipping you whether you will work in a large or small company or whether you are an entrepreneur. Foundation courses in software people, process, and project management, combined with our advanced courses in software product development and enterprise innovation prepare you for a variety of leadership roles in a software-intensive business:

  • Software Product Manager
  • Software Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Director of Software Development
  • VP/Director of Engineering
  • Entrepreneur

Featured Alumni: Luke Fromowitz (MII-PS '12) & Chronos Co-Founder Turns Any Regular Watch Into a Smart Device

Luke Fromowitz

With new smartwatch technology gaining popularity, many people face a tough decision: should I retire my old watch and upgrade to “smart” technology, or stick with the look and feel I love? Integrated Innovation Institute's alumnus Luke Fromowitz has an answer: Chronos, a small device that gives your traditional watch smart capabilities by attaching to its back." Read more...

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