Amy Krishnamohan (MS SM '14) -Integrated Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Amy Krishnamohan (MS SM '14)

Finding Your Niche – Discovering Your Passion To Build A Career

Amy Krishnamohan (MS ’14) had a passion for software and worked as a developer / product manager at SAP. Although she enjoyed being involved in product development, she wanted to interact more closely with customers and help to explain why certain products were the right ones for their needs.  Fascinated by the whole marketing process that included interacting with clients, pitching products, and developing the optimal messaging to position a product in the market where it would draw the most interest, Amy decided to pursue the Master of Science in Software Management at Carnegie Mellon University’s Silicon Valley campus so she could hone her marketing and management skills.

As a part time student in the program, Amy’s interest in agile marketing and hands-on product development continued to grow.  “Having the experience of building a product from the ground up really exposed me to a world of customer-facing product development and marketing that I was passionate about pursuing,” Krishnamohan explains. She attended the Real World Software Engineering class and her team “CourseGrain” was nominated as the 1st team by the VC panels to have developed a project that they would want to fund.

Along with her passion for technology, she was particularly interested in Big Data. Amy investigated many different companies and liked what she found at Teradata. “Their tag line caught my attention; When the world gets smaller, data gets bigger; I was especially interested in big data analytics where you need to utilize various technology to get the insight from complex data (structured and unstructured).”

 During her time at CMU SV, she received various advice on her career and industry trends from professors and teammates. “Being surrounded by passionate and smart people in the software field, I began to realize that the network I was building was one of the most valuable assets in my career. The networks and bonds you form at CMU are a life-long benefit,” offers Krishnamohan.

Currently, she is working as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Teradata, an industry leader in big data analytics. “At Teradata, we help companies make sense of the massive amounts of data they collect, and help them discern what matters most for their success,” says Krishnamohan. Currently Teredata has over 2,400 customers in 77 countries. Originally from South Korea, Amy loves travel and cooking south Indian food.


 By Chris Zeise