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About Us

The Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon trains students to become elite innovators, teaching them the discipline of product and service innovation. Just like successful products or services, successful innovation covers technological performance (engineering), human interface (design), and economic value (business). The institute cross trains students in engineering, design, and business to enhance their thinking and to generate results, focusing on education and research in innovation methods and practice.

Our Programs

The Integrated Innovation Institute includes professional master's degree programs, executive education, and applied research including industry consortia. The Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services (formerly Master of Product Development) was founded at our Pittsburgh campus in 2003 and it is considered one of, if not the first interdisciplinary degree in product/service innovation in the world. Additionally, the Master of Science in Software Management, founded at our Silicon Valley campus in 2004, focuses on the management, innovation and entrepreneurship of software products and is one of the only programs to focus on innovation related to the continuum of the software field. Launched in January 2017, the Master of Science in Technology Ventures is the Institute’s first bi-coastal program, combining technology academics and research in the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This new master's degree equips engineers with the tools and skills to bring high tech ideas to market.

To engage and stimulate executives, the Integrated Innovation Institute offers multiple Executive Education programs.  The Institute also offers unique corporate innovation activities that pair industry teams with Institute faculty and students to explore new market exploration and product concept projects.

The Integrated Innovation Institute cross trains students in the core innovation disciplines: design, business, and engineering. As a university, Carnegie Mellon is a leader in these disciplines as can be seen the high rankings for each of its colleges. Visit Carnegie Mellon's Rankings page for additional updates and information.

Leading Innovation Education for Nearly 30 Years

Carnegie Mellon has a rich history of innovation education and product development research.  The Integrated Product Development (IPD) course, a capstone of the Institute's MII-PS degree, has been taught since 1986. The inspiration for the capstone course originated from the writings of Nobel Laureate and Carnegie Mellon University professor Herb Simon. The course has received international attention and awards, and both the course and degree program have served as a model for other universities.

The process taught in the course is a general approach for innovation and has been applied to innovation of physical products and high technology products, software products, materials, services, and brands.  Refinement of the process through the course has led to a successful trade book written by professors of the program, Creating Breakthrough Productswhich serves as the main course textbook for the capstone course.  Two more books, The Design of Things to Come, and Built to Love came through application and research on innovation methods.  The course also won a Curriculum Innovation Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

History of Integrated Innovation: A Timeline