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MSIT Curriculum for MS28

For Students Starting the MSIT in Fall 2016 (MS28)

The curriculum consists of the following main components: the shared core courses, degree-specific core courses, restricted electives and a master's practicum.

Course Lists

The core courses establish the necessary background, a common competence level and a specialization in information security or mobility. The elective units give students flexibility and breadth in their coursework.

Finally, the capstone experience is the practicum, which requires students to apply their knowledge and skills to solve a real-world problem.

Shared Core Courses 36 units
Degree-Specific Core Courses
(Mobility, Information Security, or Software Management)
48 units
Restricted Electives 36 units
Master's Practicum 24 units
Total  144 units

Students in the bicoastal programs have the option to complete the degree requirements in 16 or 20 months. The duration of their program is elected at the time of admission. Below are 'Semester-by-Semester Guides' to help students create a course plan for 16 months or 20 months.

Please note: Students who are completing the bicoastal program in 20-months are required to complete an internship.

Disclaimer The INI cannot guarantee that courses will be offered each semester or in a specific semester as advertised below.  Students must refer to the 'Schedule of Classes' to determine course availability. The INI cannot guarantee that a student will be offered a seat in a specific course.  These apply to courses at the INI as well as other departments at Carnegie Mellon. In addition, it is the sole responsibility of the student to read and understand the following information regarding this program and its requirements. Should an individual have any further questions, they are encouraged to contact the INI Academic Affairs Office (AAO) at for assistance.


MSIT Curriculum Framework

*Please review the additional course information for prerequisites 

36 Units Shared Core Courses

Of the 36 units of core courses, 12 units are management courses. 

12 units: choose from one course below

14-740: Fundamentals of Telecommunications & Computer Networks (FALL or SPRING)
15-641: Computer Networks (FALL) 
18-756: Packet Switching and Computer Networks (FALL)

12 units: choose from one course below

14-741: Introduction to Information Security (FALL)
18-730: Introduction to Computer Security (FALL) 

6 units

14-744: Managerial Economics (FALL or SPRING)

6 units

14-775: Business Management (FALL or SPRING) 

48 Units Degree-Specific Core Courses

Degree-specific courses allow students to create a custom core curriculum for their degree in Information Security or Mobility. Please refer to the Course List page for degree-specific course listings. While we created a list of possible courses, it is not exhaustive and students are allowed to select other degree-specific courses as long as they are relevant to their degree. If a student wants to pursue a degree-specific course that is not included on the approved list, they should file a petition requesting permission to do so. 

36 Units Restricted Electives

Students have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of electives in which they have a special interest. Restrictive electives may not be taken as pass/no pass/audit. 

36 units

Students can select any approved courses in the Heinz College or Tepper School of Business and/or any courses* in ECE, EPP, the School of Computer Science, INI, or III (49-XXX) that are numbered 300 and above. 
*Some exceptions apply. 

24 Units Master's Practicum Course

24 Units

14-798: INI MSIT Project Practicum (FALL). 
In the practicum project, a team of students works with an industry, government, or research sponsor on a real-world problem of value to the client. It provides the opportunity to apply the team's advanced engineering and management skills developed in previous coursework in a team-based approach to a project. In particular, team members must learn to work effectively with clients, quickly understand their problem, negotiate deliverables and then select, adapt, and apply just the right amount of process and documentation to meet clients' needs and effectively manage the project. 

0 Units Internship

All students must complete an INI-approved internship. 

0 Units Residency Requirement

All students must fulfill a residency requirement for at least one semester at CMU Silicon Valley in their second Fall semester. 

The MSIT is 144 units in total. 

*Please review the additional course information for all prerequisites. 

15-641: Computer Networks (FALL) Prerequisite: 15-513: Introduction to Computer Systems (SUMMER, FALL, or SPRING) 

18-756: Packet Switching and Computer Networks (FALL) Prerequisite: either prior networking coursework or 18-345: Introduction to Telecommunication Networks (SPRING)