Carnegie Mellon University

Integrated MSIS Curriculum

For Students Entering in Fall 2016 (MS28)

Disclaimer: The INI cannot guarantee that courses will be offered each semester or in a specific semester as advertised below.  Students must refer to the 'Schedule of Classes' to determine course availability. The INI cannot guarantee that a student will be offered a seat in a specific course.  These apply to courses at the INI as well as other departments at Carnegie Mellon. In addition, it is the sole responsibility of the student to read and understand the following information regarding this program and its requirements. Should an individual have any further questions, they are encouraged to contact INI Academic Affairs Office (AAO) at for assistance.

24 Units Security Core                

12 units: choose from one course below

18-731: Network Security (SPRING)
18-732 Secure Software Systems (SPRING)
18-733 Applied Cryptology (SPRING)

12 units

One additional graduate-level security course, including courses from another department (CS, ECE, EPP, Heinz, Tepper). Note, this course must be approved by the MSIS program advisor. The following is a list (not exhaustive) of approved courses that fulfill this requirement:

14-735: Secure Coding
14-761: Applied Information Assurance
14-817: Special Topics: Network Security and Management
14-819: Introduction to Software Reverse-Engineering
14-822: Host Based Forensics
14-823: Network Forensics
14-829: Mobile Security
18-731: Network Security
18-732: Secure Software Systems
18-733: Applied Cryptography
18-739: Special Topics in Security

12 Units Management

6 units

14-782: Information Security Risk Management I (SPRING)

6 units: Choose from one course below

14-784: Information Security Risk Management II (SPRING)
14-788: Information Security Risk Policy and Management (SPRING).
Prerequisite: 95-710 Economic Analysis, or equivalent coursework.

36 Units Restricted Electives

Students have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of electives in which they have a special interest. Of the 36 units required, 12 units must be a course in the INI (14-XXX), ECE (18-XXX) or CS (15-XXX) that is numbered 300 or above or one of the following EPP courses (19-608, 19-682, 19-712, 19-713 or 19-784). The remaining 24 units can be fulfilled by any approved courses in the Heinz College or Tepper School or any courses* in ECE, EPP, School of Computer Science, INI or III (49-xxx) that are numbered 300 or above. Restricted electives may not be taken as pass/no pass/audit.

In addition, students should select restricted electives that complement the core curriculum. Note, only up to 36 units of undergraduate courses (300-599) can be considered toward degree requirements (between core and restricted elective courses).

Units that have been used toward meeting the undergraduate degree requirements cannot be counted as restricted electives (no "double counting").

*Some exceptions apply. Exceptions are noted in the INI Student Handbook. Please refer to the Enrollment & Registration section of the student handbook under "Courses Outside Degree Requirements." If you have any concern as to whether a course can count towards your degree requirements, please consult with the INI Academic Affairs Office (AAO).

36 Units Curriculum Option 

Choose one of the following options

Professional Track: Either 1) course option - a set of courses that will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in industry; 2) industry practicum - a supervised practicum that will provide students with industry experience while gaining significant knowledge; or 3) development-based project - a project that allows students to build up knowledge and skills in delivering successful solutions for industry.

Research Track: Thesis research paper that will allow students to delve deep into a problem and create a solution for a research-based project, providing the opportunity to gain significant knowledge and skills in a particular area.

Course Plan 1: Thesis/Project/Practicum Option 

Summer, 4th-5th year
36 units


Fall, 5th year
36 units

Security Core 1 (e.g., AIA, Secure Software Systems)
Elective 1
Elective 2

Spring, 5th year 
36 units

Security Core 2 (e.g., Network Security, Applied Crypto)
Management Req. (14-782 and 14-784/14-788)
Elective 3 

Course Plan 2: Course Option 

Prior to the fall of Y5, 24 units of restricted electives ("Elective 1" and "Elective 2") should have been taken, in addition to the undergraduate courses required for admission into the Integrated MSIN. If this requirement is not met, then students have to take these elective courses in the summer following Y5 or in the fall following Y5. 

Before 5th Year
24 units

Elective 1
Elective 2 

Fall, 5th Year 
36 units

Security Core 1 (e.g., AIA, Secure Software Systems) 
Elective 3
Curriculum Option 1 

Spring 5th Year 
48 units

Security Core 2 (e.g., Network Security, Applied Crypto) 
Management req. (14-782 and 14-784/14-788) 
Curriculum Option 2
Curriculum Option 3