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We're excited to share with you important news and updates related to our academic programs.

Admitted students entering INI in Fall 2020 will be part of the first class under these program changes.

Three-Semester Program

Starting with the Fall 2020 class, all INI degree programs will transition from four semesters to three semesters in length. Members of our MS32 cohort beginning Fall 2020 will graduate in December 2021 after completing 122 units of coursework. 

M.S. in Mobile and IoT Engineering

We're adopting a new name for the bicoastal program originally established as the M.S. in Information Technology-Mobility (MSIT-MOB). It's now the M.S. in Mobile and IoT Engineering (MSMITE). Students admitted to the Fall 2020 cohort will be part of the first class under the new name and revised curriculum.

Fall 2020 Curriculum for Incoming Students (MS32 Class)

Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN)

Explore MSIN Fall 2020 Curriculum

Master of Science in Information Security (MSIS)

Explore MSIS Fall 2020 Curriculum

Master of Science in Mobile and IoT Engineering (MSMITE)

Explore MSMITE Fall 2020 Curriculum

Master of Science in Information Technology-Information Security (MSIT-IS)

Explore MSIT-IS Fall 2020 Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Beginning Fall 2020:
  1. All INI degree programs are now three semesters and 122 units. The new curriculum framework is: Core Courses (74 units), Program Electives (24 units), either Curriculum Option (24 units) or Practicum (24 units) depending on the degree program, and Internship (0 units). In order to reduce our curriculum from 144 units to 122 units, we removed 12 units from the program electives and 12 units from the curriculum option, and added a new 2-unit course, "Academic & Professional Development" to the core. 
  2. The M.S. in Information Technology-Mobility (MSIT-MOB) has been renamed the M.S. in Mobile and IoT Engineering (MSMITE). The curriculum has also been revised to reflect the core competency areas for MSMITE students. We added a more specialized core requirement: a 12-unit Mobile and IoT course (either 14-642: Introduction to Embedded Systems or 14-840: Mobile Hardware for Software Engineers). Review the MSMITE curriculum

All applicants who accept admission to the INI for Fall 2020 will enter a three-semester degree program.

If you are a current INI student, you will remain in your four-semester program. 

Applicants to the M.S. in Information Technology-Mobility program for Fall 2020 will be admitted under the new program name and revised curriculum: M.S. in Mobile and IoT Engineering (MSMITE).

Our decisions were informed by a deep, comprehensive curriculum evaluation as part of our strategic planning. The updates align our degrees with peer programs and institutions, in addition to meeting ever-evolving industry needs. 

No, our admissions criteria and application process remain unchanged.  

For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Applicants 

The three-semester program length won't affect the approval process for your I-20 or DS-2019 certificates of eligibility. When certificates are issued, they reflect the program duration.

If you are admitted in the spring term, you will be eligible for work authorization after one semester, rather than the usual two consecutive semesters. This will allow you to complete the required INI internship in the first summer after you enroll.

As a three-semester program, bicoastal MSIT-IS and MSMITE students starting in Fall 2020 will spend two semesters in Pittsburgh and complete the program at the CMU Silicon Valley Campus in their second fall semester.  

The three-semester format enables you to attain the same learning objectives of an INI degree within a shorter period of time.

We’ll help you navigate the shorter program length, including customized career and academic advising that will begin as early as summer 2020. We also encourage incoming students to map out their course plan with their faculty advisor and our academic affairs and career services teams, in order to be prepared going into their first semester. 

As an INI student, you'll have access to invaluable resources to support your search for internships and full-time opportunities. Based on our analysis of student outcomes, we are confident your career opportunities are the same regardless of which semester you graduate. 

Employers are seeking both full-time and internship candidates during each semester as CMU has numerous master's programs that graduate hundreds of students in both December and May.

Throughout your INI experience, you have access to our dedicated career consultant for one-on-one guidance as you begin your career journey. They can provide personalized coaching and support throughout your internship and job search, including resume reviews, mock interviews, and workshops.

Additionally, Carnegie Mellon welcomes over 300 employers each year and hosts numerous career fairs in both the fall and spring semesters. Each semester offers large, multi-day career fairs as well as smaller more niche industry fairs. 


Tuition for incoming Fall 2020 students will be a semester-based tuition model for three semesters. Once the tuition rate for AY 2020-2021 is approved and finalized it will be posted on the HUB website.

Yes! You can complete the 48 units of the CyFIR Track through your two restricted electives (24 units) and the curriculum option (24 units).

If you are interested in the CyFIR track, you should discuss course sequencing with your faculty advisor this summer before registering for fall classes.

For Current Students

No. When you accepted admission, you entered a four-semester INI degree with specific program requirements for graduation. Your course sequencing and academic progress are customized for this four-semester model and thus the new program length is not an option. Only students entering the INI in Fall 2020 and beyond will enter the three-semester program.

Current students have always had the option to complete the required 144-unit program in three semesters. If you wish to finish in 16 months, you should discuss this with your academic advisor. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

If you have additional questions, we encourage you to meet with your academic advisor or the Academic Affairs team.

No, you are bound by the tuition for the program in which you enrolled. All students who enrolled in the INI in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 (MS31 cohort) have a fixed program tuition specific to your cohort.

Please review the Tuition & Fees webpage for more information.