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Uday Dandavate

Uday Dandavate

Adjunct Professor

Mountain View, CA


A design activist, poet, and ethnographer of social imagination, Uday Dandavate is also CEO of SonicRim Ltd., a San Francisco-based design research company specializing in co-creation. He has consulted for Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Google, AT&T, Whirlpool, Intel, Ford, Genentech, HP, Dell, Lenovo, BBCi, Honda, Samsung, and P&G translating leading-edge technologies into culturally, behaviorally, and socially relevant and meaningful experiences. 

Uday has traveled extensively around the world, studying and connecting with all kinds of people and cultures, and watching and participating as they change over time. 

In his professional capacity, as well as through blogging, teaching, speaking, and facilitating, Uday provokes fresh perspectives that help to humanize technologies and democratize design. Uday recently published an evocative collection of poems, ”a window for a home without walls," that help communicate values and sensitivities about life, imagination and design to the readers around the world. Uday is currently involved in projects involved in application of machine learning and autonomous technologies to the future of mobility. He is also involved in helping develop innovative services for the healthcare industry.

  • Participatory design
  • Co-creation
  • Design activism
  • User Experience & Human-Computer Interaction
  • Master of Science in User Research, The Ohio State University
  • Master’s Professional Certificate in Industrial Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India