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Ben Walfish

Ben Walfish

Assistant Business Manager

Pittsburgh, PA


Ben manages the institute’s budgets and processes new hires in both Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley. He also facilitates contract development and the relevant paperwork needed to establish sponsored projects and courses. Ben is a two-time CMU alum and worked for Carnegie Mellon's Portugal program prior to joining the institute in June 2016.

In his spare time, Ben loves to play hockey and is a die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he is always interested in discovering new things and is happy to discuss anything related to the city, especially local sports and food. Ben is also an avid fan of music, movie, and TV; which is just one of the reasons why you'll want him on your team for trivia night.

Advice for Future Innovators

"Welcome feedback, and never stop improving."


  • Master of Science in Public Policy & Management - Carnegie Mellon University
  • Bachelor of Science in Policy & Management - Carnegie Mellon University