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Paolo Malabuyo

Paolo Malabuyo

Adjunct Faculty

Mountain View, CA


Paolo Malabuyo is a user experience designer, creative leader, and educator. He joined Google in August 2017 as Director of User Experience. 

Most recently, he was Director of Design at Netflix where he led teams of designers and prototypers responsible for the user experience of the world's leading internet TV brand. As Vice President of Advanced User Experience Design at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America he led the team responsible for discovering, designing, and prototyping the future user experience of the connected and autonomous automobile that's delightful and uniquely Mercedes-Benz.

Previously, he was at Zynga as Director of Product in the mobile division where he worked on designing and building their new mobile social gaming network. He was an Executive Producer responsible for driving multiple incubation programs for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business (which includes Xbox, Zune, and media businesses) and Windows Phone division. Most of those never saw the light of day after going through the Business/eXperience/Technology gate process except for the last one he worked on; that project defined the core user experience and value prop for the new Xbox One.

He took a break from Microsoft as Director of User Experience at Pelago, a software startup that delivered a geosocial networking experience on the Web and mobile devices called Whrrl; Pelago was acquired by Groupon in April 2011 (this was way after he left in 2007).

Highlights from his first 8+ years at Microsoft include the Xbox 360 game console as User Experience Manager, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge on the original Xbox as Multiplayer Design Lead, the first Alternate Reality Game called “The Beast” as a Designer, and MechWarrior4: Vengeance on PC as User Interface Design Lead. He once beat the designer of Tetris in a puzzle video game. True story, Alexey, even if you don't remember it. It was a highlight of my gaming life.

He held design positions at Oracle and IBM working on enterprise management, database management, and data visualization software. In addition, he has also pursued a variety of personal and entrepreneurial projects from traditional shoe-making, cooking, and app design & development.

He has been held speaking engagements at IXDA Oslo, IXDA 2017 in New York, SXSW 2016 in Austin, IDSA15 in Seattle as a keynote speaker, IXDA's Interaction14 in Amsterdam, IDG's User Experience World 2014 in Seoul, Tsinghua University's International Conference on Interaction Design in Beijing, In-Q-Tel's Technology Focus Day in Washington D.C., Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Brand Manage Camp, International Conference on Computer Human Interaction (SIG CHI), International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC), International Symposium of Arts & Content (ISAC), and Microsoft's Social Computing Symposium. He is listed as an inventor on multiple patents and applications. He continues to be tolerated at social events and family gatherings.

Paolo was born in the Philippines where he competed at the regional and national level in Lego competitions, traveled around SE Asia while living in Bangladesh and Indonesia, and finished off his childhood in Philadelphia where he learned how to eat a real cheesesteak.

He also completed the first semester of the Design MBA program at the California College of the Arts in 2012 but, due to his then new role at Mercedes-Benz, suspended his enrollment to concentrate on the new job. He studied art & design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA and spent a semester abroad in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, PRC studying Chinese language, culture, traditional painting, Tai Chi, and the fine art of traveling by train on a hard wooden bench. Upon graduating college in 1995 he spent a month backpacking through 13 cities in Western Europe with a Eurail pass and $30/day.

He is fluent in English and Tagalog, stumbles along in ever-deteriorating broken Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, and has forgotten what little Bengali and Bahasa he picked up as a kid (except for counting from one to ten). He also picked up some conversational Deutsch by working in a German company and traveling to Stuttgart on a regular basis. It has also been said he laughs like a hyena and sneezes like his head exploded.

Advice for Future Innovators

"Find interesting people and problems to solve. Don't focus solely on the technology."

Areas of Expertise

User Experience Design, Creative Leadership, Design Education

Integrated Innovation Courses

  • Human Computer Interaction & User Experience


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art & Design - Carnegie Mellon University


  • Netflix: Netflix on TV devices • • Netflix growth/messaging/accounts
  • Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz F015 “Luxury In Motion” • Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupé • Smart Cross Connect
  • Microsoft: Xbox One (pre-production concept) • Zune Media Player • Xbox Live Service • Xbox 360 Console • Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge • A.I. “The Beast” Alternate Reality Game • MechWarrior IV: Vengeance • MS SQL Server 2000 & 7.0


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