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Nilesh Jain (MSSM '09)

Launching New Ventures, Improving the Quality of Life

Nilesh Jain (MSSM ’09) has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and operational experience, with much of his career focused on investing in smart technologies capable of improving the quality of life for people around the world. As an angel investor based in Mumbai, Jain has worked with various businesses in the medical industry, including: Metaform Enterprise, CliniVantage Solutions,, and SugarFighter.

Jain’s latest venture, PicoStone, is an affordable option for customers to automate common household tasks and improve the energy efficiency of their homes, offering a solution to India’s growing energy crisis. PicoStone learns the energy-consuming behaviors of its customers to adjust the home to temperatures and lighting that meet user preferences. The service requires only that customers have wifi to access its products, making it an affordable and accessible way for lower-income families to manage their energy costs and consumption.

The Integrated Innovation Experience

Jain believes that completing the Master of Science in Software Management program through the Integrated Innovation Institute was a major asset to his career and enhanced his ability to direct startup teams: “I tell my friends, the exposure and learning environment that CMU offers is one of a kind. I came to Carnegie Mellon University looking to sharpen my computer management skills with an entrepreneurial edge. The curriculum has helped me understand what it takes to manage technology programs. It has provided me with the confidence to become a leader, managing companies with complex technology by defining strategies and executing the same with high performance teams.”