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We engage with industry in many ways: from developing new product and service opportunties to connecting them to the best of brightest of Carnegie Mellon University. View our information below about sponsoring a project and recruiting our students

If interested in working with the Integrated Innovation Institute, please email or call 1-844-629-0200.

Elfsberg in Truck

Why We Sponsor:
Volvo Construction

Jenny Elfsberg
Director Emerging Technologies
Volvo Construction Equipment

"The Integrated Innovation Institute teaches students from diverse backgrounds in engineering, design and business the ability to successfully work together throughout the co-creation process. This is a is skill set that is extremely important for the future of Volvo and something that is not taught at all universities. At the Integrated Innovation Institute, there is a balance of student’s depth of knowledge and expertise, along with the ability for collaboration and successful teams."

Recruit Our Students

The Integrated Innovation Institute welcomes employers the chance to recruit from our talented group of current and former students. Depending on the degree and program length, our current students are available for either full-time employment or internship opportunities throughout the year:

Summer Internship?
Seeking Full-Time Employment as of
Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services Yes (MIIPS Advanced Study Candidates) May or December
M.S. Software Management Yes (16-month MSSM Candidates) August or December
M.S. Technology Ventures Yes May

Resume Books

Please email to request a Resume Book of current students.

Recruiting Opportunities

We encourage employers to contact us with information about opportunities, positions, and desired qualifications. We will gladly share them with to current students as well as our alumni network, and they will contact you directly if interested.

To share upcoming employment opportunities, please contact our team members at each campus:

Pittsburgh Campus

Marcie Foy & Shaina Tsupros

College of Engineering
Career and Professional Development Center


Silicon Valley Campus

Lauren Schachar

Director of Career Services
CMU Silicon Valley