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The Making Of: Master of Science in Technology Ventures

In 2015, the Integrated Innovation Institute introduced a new degree, one that combined the academic resources of Carnegie Mellon's Pittsburgh campus with the venture ecosystem of Silicon Valley. Since its inception, the Master of Science in Technology Ventures (MSTV) program has been a gateway for engineers of all disciplines to gain the business skills and entrepreneurial savy to solve hard, societal problems and launch impactful products and services.

Carnegie Mellon's learn-by-doing approach is ever-present in the MSTV degree, with programs like VentureBridge. Developed in part by III faculty, VentureBridge mentors CMU students seeking to transform their high-tech concept into a startup. Bridging the gap between educational and startup environments, the program welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs to CMU’s Silicon Valley campus, providing unique access to the region’s venture capital ecosystem. 

As the Institute's first bi-coastal degree, MSTV is designed to strengthen students' engineering skills, beginning with a semester in the Pittsburgh where students deepen and refine their expertise at one of the best engineering schools in the world. Students move to the hub of technology innovation, where they gain hands-on skills at Silicon Valley start-ups. At Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus, students continue to connect with the region's entrepeneurs and tech leaders as they continue to develop their business acumen and design skills.

In Fall 2018, the Institute welcomed MSTV's third cohort. Since its inception, the degree has brought in talented technologists from a diverse array of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, civil & environmental, electrical & computer, chemical and material sciences.

MSTV Innovations and Influencers

Students Design Products to Improve Prenatal Care Access in Rural Areas

MSTV students designed a product and application that support pregnant mothers, keeping them connected to their doctors and prenatal resources, despite the lack of available obstetric care in rural communities. 

mstv class of 2018
Students Reflect on the MSTV Experience

MSTV students reflect on their experience and consider the courses that have refined their interests, furthered their skills, and shaped their futures.