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The Making Of: Master of Science in Software Management

The 200-square mile region between San Francisco and San Jose is the epicenter for technology innovation. Headquarters to major-player tech corporations and the birthplace of thousands of start-ups, Silicon Valley is where innovators have been designing the software and products that change our lives—it’s a place where Carnegie Mellon computer scientists and engineers can call home.

In 2003, the Master of Science in Information Technology-Management of Software Systems Development program welcomed students to Carnegie Mellon’s newly established Silicon Valley campus, one of the campus’s first available degrees. Known today as the Master of Science in Software Management (MSSM), the program has taught software professionals how to manage products, project, and people.

Originally available exclusively to part-time or remote students, the MSSM introduced a full-time cohort in 2013, allowing aspiring software innovators the option to complete an internship as part of their practical experience. Now the program boasts hundreds of alumni, innovators in the field of software and leaders across Silicon Valley and the world.

MSSM Innovations and Influencers

15 MSSM Reunion guests
Celebrating Fifteen Years of Software Management Innovation

Alumni, faculty, and industry partners of the MSSM degree celebrate the program's 15th anniversary at Salesforce East.

Student wearing Snapberry glasses
Students Design Wearable Navigation Device for the Visually Impaired

A team of MSSM students design a wearable IoT device to help visually impaired people better navigate their world.

MSSM Alumnus, Jarek Wilkiewicz ('09), Drives Machine Learning Innovation at Google

As a Technical Program Manager for Google's Research & Machine Intelligence team, Jarek Wilkiewicz creates innovative solutions in an inspiring environment.