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Celebrating 5 Years as the Integrated Innovation Institute

The 2018-2019 academic year marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Integrated Innovation Institute. In honor of this milestone, we will celebrate the Institute's impact as well as Carnegie Mellon University’s rich history as a pioneer of cross-disciplinary education and innovation.

We are Future Makers

At the Integrated Innovation Institute, we don’t only anticipate the future; we make it. Our community of innovators -- students, faculty, alumni, and industry partners -- are passionate doers, developers, creators, builders, innovators, and disruptors.

The future is integrated and so are our academics, teams, and programs. By uniting the disciplines of engineering, design, and business, we’re able to solve real problems and shape the future, launching the next generation of products and services to create a more meaningful future for all.

Maker Milestones: The Origins of Integrated Innovation

The impact of integrated innovation today would not be possible without the pioneers and visionaries that came before us. While the Institute is now in its fifth year, our history -- including the origin of our degree programs -- dates back to 1986 with the launch of Carnegie Mellon's first cross-disciplinary capstone. As we celebrate our anniversary, we pay homage to CMU’s extensive history of designing the future and developing a collaborative culture at the nexus of humanity and technology.

Explore our timeline to see the history of integrated innovation and how it has led to where we are today.

IoT Cloud
The Making of MIIPS

A pioneer program in the field of cross-disciplinary education, boasting an innovation methodology adopted by practioners and students alike.

Learn How MIIPS Came to Be

Students at hackathon
The Making of M.S. Software Management

A program atuned to Silicon Valley's lightening pace of innovation and the ever-changing demands for software leaders.

Learn How MSSM Came to Be


MSTV Presenting
The Making of M.S. Technology Ventures

A cutting-edge degree that leverages CMU's rich technology academics with Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial practices.


What's Next: Follow the Action from #CMUfiiive

We strive to never "look back" for too long and so will honor our anniversary by continuing to look forward. Follow the latest from the Institute and how to join us in our quest to break down the silos that impede innovation.