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Microsystems Faculty


Shelley Annasanna@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-6492 | 310 SH
Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Professor Anna's research integrates concepts from fluid mechanics, including microfluidics, non-Newtonian rheology, and interfacial phenomena, to target the design and fabrication of advanced materials.

Shawn Shawn Blantonblanton@ece.cmu.edu | 412-268-2987 | A312 HH
Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering; Director - CSSI
Professor Blanton's research interests include the Test and Diagnosis of Digitial Integrated Circuits, MEMS built-in self test, and ATPG and fault simulation Tools.
Robert Davis Photo Robert Davisrfd@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-7264 | 237 REH
Bertucci Distinguished Professor - Materials Science and Engineering
Professor Davis' research interest include wide bandgap electronic materials of SiC, the III-Nitrides and selected oxide materials such as ZnO-based alloys which are technologically important for (1) optoelectronic devices including light-emitting diodes and semiconductor lasers that emit in the green blue and ultra-violet regions of the spectrum for applications in next generation lighting, data storage and optical indicators, (2) microelectronic devices for high-frequency, high-power and high-temperature applications and (3) gas and biological sensors.
Maarten Maarten De Boermpdebo@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-2870 | 325 SH
Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Maarten P. de Boer is interested in thin film materials as related to their physical properties and to their applications. He has used MEMS devices as a vehicle for measuring the mechanical and surface properties of thin films and also for making nanoscale measurements. Researchers in de Boer's group are interested in mechanics, materials science, fabrication, testing and modeling of small-scale devices and properties.
Gary Fedder Photo
Gary Fedderfedder@cmu.edu | 412-268-8443/5352 | 2215 HBH
Associate Dean for Research- College of Engineering; Director - CIMM; Howard M. Wilkoff Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robotics
Professor Fedder's research interests include MEMS modeling, simulation and synthesis, integration of MEMS and CMOS, physical sensor design, microactuator control systems, RF MEMS, gas chemical microsensors and implantable biosensors.
Peter Gilgunn Photo
Peter Gilgunngilgunn@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-4404 | 1209 HH
Assistant Research Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Gilgunn is interested in microsystems technologies that are uniquely suited to integrating our experience of life. These are microscopic, lightweight, low power consumption devices that can be designed to sense a wide range of phenomena in and around our bodies. The data they collect can be quickly processed electronically to produce information about our external and internal environment. My research interest is the integration of this information with our consciousness and the tools we use for the enhancement of our experience of life.
David Greve Photo
David Grevedg07@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-3707 | 231 REH
Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Semiconductor device physics and semiconductor process technology, sensors
Fred Higgs Photo
C. Fred Higgshiggs@cmu.edu | 412-268-2486 | 309 SH
Professor - Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Higgs conducts particulate flow modeling and experimental research that utilizes the basic principles of tribology, fluid and rheological mechanics. His Particulate Flow & Tribology Laboratory studies three different particulate-based tribosystems from the nano- to macro-scale. Currently, his research projects span the nanotechnology, MEMS, nanomanufacturing, biotechnology, and fossil-fuel energy arenas.
Mohammad Islam Photo
Mohammad Islammohammad@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-8999 | 4315 WEH
Assistant Professor - Materials Science and Engineering
The Islam group employs both soft- and nanomaterials approaches to engineer multifunctional materials with tailored optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. These unique materials have diverse applications in areas such as photonics, fuel cells, supercapacitors, drug delivery vessels, scaffolds for tissue engineering, etc.
Phil LeDuc Photo
Philip R. LeDucprleduc@cmu.edu | 412-268-2504 | 415 SH
Courtesy Professor - Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences
Professor LeDuc's research focuses on linking mechanics to biochemistry through exploring the science of molecular to cellular biomechanics through nano- and micro-technology, control theory approaches, and computational biology. Professor LeDuc investigates the link between mechanics and biochemistry with respect to structural regulation in living cells. Specifically, he is interested in the question of how cells sense and respond to mechanical signals and convert them into biochemical processes.
Yi Luo Photo
Yi Luoyl827@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-5401 | 249 REH
Assistant Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Luo's research interest involves studying physical properties and applications of novel nanoscale systems. Professor Luo's research activities involve design, fabrication, and characterization of these systems. Currently, a special focus is in the area of nanoscale molecular electronics, where specially designed molecules and other nano-components to build electronic systems for logic and memory applications.
Carmel Majidi Photo
Carmel Majidicmajidi@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-3348 | 409 SH
Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Professor Majidi's experience in solid mechanics and microfabrication is the foundation of his current research in the emerging fields of soft robotics and active multifunctional materials.
Tamal Mukherjeetamal@ece.cmu.edu | 412-268-8522 | 332 REH
Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Mukherjee's interests are in design Automation for Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Microfluidics, MEMS-enhanced Reconfigurable RF Circuits, and micro-inertial navigation technology.
Burak Ozdoganlarburakoz@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-9890 | 1201E HBH
Director, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES)
Ver Planck Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

Professor Ozdoganlar's research interest focuses on nano/micro/meso-scale manufacturing; nano and micro-scale mechanical characterization; and modeling, simulation and experimentation of MEMS/microsystems.
Gian Piazza Photo
Gianluca (Gian) Piazzapiazza@ece.cmu.edu | 412-268-7762 | 333 REH
Associate Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering
The activities in the Piazza Micro and Nano Systems Laboratory are targeted at understanding the fundamental science of micro and nanomechanical structures to control material properties, engineer device design and fabrication, and devise new classes of micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (M/NEMS) that are directly interfaced with electronic circuits. This is done with the overall mission to overcome substantial limitations of state-of-the-art communication, computing and sensory systems.
Todd Przybycientodd@andrew.cmu.edu | 412-268-3857 | 2100 DH
Professor - Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Professor Przybycien's research interests include Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology: protein adsorption and aggregation phenomena in bioprocessing environments, protein structure characterization, PEGylated protein delivery, MEMS-based biosensors.
Metin Sitti Photo
Metin Sittisitti@cmu.edu | 412-268-3632 | 315 SH
Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
The NanoRobotics Lab's research program is focused on developing new methods to design, manufacture, and control novel and high impact micro/nano-robotic systems in three thrust areas: miniature mobile robots, bio-inspired fibrillar adhesives, and micro/nano-manipulation systems.
Shi-Chune Yaoscyao@cmu.edu | 412-268-2508 |
Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Professor Yao's research interests are mainly at multiphase flow, heat transfer and combustion. This is closely related to energy and manufacturing industries. He works on both experimental and theoretical research on subjects which are important to industries but are fundamental in nature.