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LINCS People

Dharma Agrawal Photo

Dharma | 412-268-4885 |

OBR Distinguished Professor - Computer Science


Fernando De la Torre | 412-268-4706 | 211 EDSH

Research Scientist - Robotics Institute


Christos | 412-268-1457 | 4126 WEH

Professor - Computer Science

Professor Faloutsos focuses on two major research areas: query by content in multi-media databases and data mining. The first area examines fast methods for approximate matching in multimedia databases. The goal in data mining is to discover correlations ('rules') in a collection of records.

Randy Feenstra Photo

Randy | 412-268-6961 | 6408 WEH

Professor - Physics, ECE

Professor Feenstra's research deals with structural and electronic properties of semiconductor materials and devices. The major technique used in the studies is the scanning tunneling microscope, which allows one to image the atomic structure of a surface and to perform spectroscopic measurements of the electronic energy levels. Recent work has concentrated on semiconductor heterostructures consisting of multiple layers of different types of material, with the goal of understanding how the structure of the device (including imperfections and defects) determines its electronic properties. Semiconductor materials growth is performed in Professor Feenstra's laboratory using molecular beam epitaxy.

Geoff Gordono

Geoff | 412-268-7399 | 4125 WEH

Associate Research Professor - Machine Learning Department; Adjunct Faculty - Robotics Institute

Phil Koopman Photo

Phil | 412-268-5225 | A308 HH

Associate Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering


Priya | 412-268-8801 | 2202 CIC

Associate Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Priya Narasimhan's research interests lie in the following areas: dependable distributed systems, embedded systems, and distributed system security.


Adrian | 412-268-2242 | 2110 CIC

Assistant Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science

Primary focus: systems security and networking security (Internet security, security for mobile computing, security for sensor networks). Other research areas: networking, operating systems, databases, human interfaces for security, applied cryptography.


Bradley | 412-268-5889 | 8021 WEH

Senior Systems Scientist - Computer Science


Dan | 412-268-2570 | 3519 NSH

Buhl University Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Siewiorek's research interests are Design Automation, Reliable Computing, and Context Aware Mobile Computing.


Asim | 412-268-7863 | 1217 HBH

Director - LINCS; Research Professor - ICES

Wearable computers; mobile computing; pervasive computing; reliable computing; audio and visual interfaces to computers. Director of LINCS (Laboratory for Interactive Real-Time Computer Systems).