Enterprise Wide Optimization-Engineering Research Accelerator - Carnegie Mellon University

Enterprise Wide Optimization


To make process industries more competitive by optimizing the operation of their supply chains.


To provide a comprehensive set of computational capabilities based on optimization for addressing the integrated planning, scheduling, real-time optimization and inventory control of supply chains of process systems.


Enterprise-Wide Optimization (EWO) is a new emerging area that lies at the interface of chemical engineering and operations research, and has become a major goal in the process industries due to the increasing pressures for remaining competitive in the global marketplace. EWO involves optimizing the operations of R&D, supply, manufacturing and distribution of a company to reduce costs and inventories. A major focus in EWO is the optimal operation of manufacturing facilities, which often requires the use of nonlinear process models. Major operational items include planning, scheduling, real-time optimization and inventory control. One of the key features in EWO is integration of the information and decision-making among the various functions that comprise the supply chain of the company.

In the EWO project, companies provide case studies that are undertaken by faculty and students. Results and findings of these case studies are shared among the ICES researchers and companies. The group meets twice per year. To disseminate its findings, the EWO project also conducts a successful seminar program that is broadcast to the participating companies. Results from the meetings and seminars are posted in the website for this project: http://egon.cheme.cmu.edu/ewocp/.