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Engineering Design People

Jim Antaki Photo

Jim | 412-268-9857 | 4321 PTC

Professor - Biomedical Engineering

Lorenz Biegler Photo

Lorenz T. | 412-268-2232 | 4310B DH

Bayer Professor - Chemical Engineering

Prof. Biegler's research interests lie in optimization of systems in computer aided process engineering (CAPE). These include flowsheet optimization, optimization of systems of differential and algebraic equations, reactor network synthesis and algorithms for constrained, nonlinear process control.

Susan Finger Photo

Susan | 412-268-8828 | 123B BP

Professor - Civil and Environmental Engineering


Jim | 412-268-2941 | 110 SH

Dean - College of Engineering; Professor - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Applications of sensors and sensor systems to civil infrastructure condition assessment; mobile hardware/software systems for field applications; representations and processing strategies to support the usage of engineering codes, standards, and specifications; and knowledge-based decision support systems

Ignacio Grossman Photo

Ignacio | 412-268-3642 | 4210D DH

Director - CAPD; R.D. University Professor of Chemical Engineering

Our aim is to develop novel discrete/continuous optimization models and techniques for problems in process systems engineering, with special emphasis on planning, scheduling, and more broadly, enterprise-wide optimization. Our techniques, which include mixed-integer and disjunctive programming for handling discrete and continuous decisions, and stochastic programming for incorporating uncertainty issues, are applied to batch and continuous processes, process supply chains, and to energy systems, including gas and oil, IGCC, and biomass.

Stephen Lee Photo

Stephen | 412-268-3528 | 201 CFA

Professor - Architecture


Dan | 412-268-2570 | 3519 NSH

Buhl University Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Siewiorek's research interests are Design Automation, Reliable Computing, and Context Aware Mobile Computing.


Asim | 412-268-7863 | 1217 HBH

Director - LINCS; Research Professor - ICES

Wearable computers; mobile computing; pervasive computing; reliable computing; audio and visual interfaces to computers. Director of LINCS (Laboratory for Interactive Real-Time Computer Systems).


Eswaran | 412-268-5221 | 1209 HBH

Research Professor - ICES

Under Dr. Subrahmanian's direction, the n-dim group is interested in designing information systems that support the social processes that are integral to design. The group studies engineering work processes in order to create methods for managing knowledge in engineering design. They consider an understanding of work processes to be an integral part of system's development. In order to analyze work processes the n-dim group has researched and developed methods for studying the flow and use of information in design organizations. They then use an evolutionary prototyping method build and test design applications that support engineering knowledge management.

John Wesner Photo

John | 412-268-2507 | 1211 HBH

ICES - Adjunct Fellow

Teaches the Engineering Product Design courses 39-605/606.