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Engineering Design

Design is a pervasive activity in all engineering disciplines. Insuring quality, timeliness, manufacturability and marketability of engineering designs is a crucial concern in product development. The CIT designated minor in Engineering Design is intended to provide a firm methodological basis for engineering design that will be broadly applicable in all areas of engineering. The minor is intended primarily for engineering undergraduates who want a broader and more formal foundation in design. The requirements for the minor consist of two interdisciplinary design courses, which emphasize design methodology, team work, and real-world problems, and three elective courses in design. Of the three elective courses, at least one should involve CAD and at least one 9 unit course should be outside the student's major.

The designated minor in engineering design is administered through ICES. The program contact is Susan Finger. Students undertaking the designated minor can consult with the program advisor in their major department.