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CIMM People

Jim Antaki Photo

Jim | 412-268-9857 | 4321 PTC

Professor - Biomedical Engineering

Phil Campbell Photo

Phil | 412-268-4126 | 1213 HBH

Research Professor - ICES

Bioavailability of growth factors, growth factor association and dissociation with various interstitial components, proteolytic processing, biomimetic tissue engineered materials, musculoskeletal tissue repair and regeneration.

Gary Fedder Photo

Gary | 412-268-8443/5352 | 2215 HBH

Associate Dean for Research- College of Engineering; Director - CIMM; Howard M. Wilkoff Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robotics

Professor Fedder's research interests include MEMS modeling, simulation and synthesis, integration of MEMS and CMOS, physical sensor design, microactuator control systems, RF MEMS, gas chemical microsensors and implantable biosensors.


James | 412-268-4259 | A304 HH

Associate Professor - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Prof. James C. Hoe is interested in many aspects of computer architecture and digital hardware design, including application/algorithm domain-specific architectures; fault-tolerant processors and systems; high-level hardware description and synthesis; and computer simulation and prototyping technologies. He co-directs the Computer Architecture Lab at Carnegie Mellon (CALCM) and is affiliated with the Center for Silicon System Implementation (CSSI) and the Carnegie Mellon Cylab.

Xin Li Photo

Xin | 412-268-6507 | 2139 HH

Research Scientist - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Li's research focuses on developing novel modeling, analysis and optimization algorithms to facilitate the bold move from deterministic circuit design to statistical and probabilistic design.


Ken | 412-268-8335 | 2121 HH

Assistant Professor - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Professor Mai's primary research interest is the design and implementation of efficient, robust, high-performance digital circuit blocks (both functional units and memories). His research also explores how to aggregate such blocks into larger-scale general-purpose and application-specific computational systems.


Burak | 412-268-9890 | 1201E HBH

Director, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES)
Ver Planck Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

Professor Ozdoganlar's research interest focuses on nano/micro/meso-scale manufacturing; nano and micro-scale mechanical characterization; and modeling, simulation and experimentation of MEMS/microsystems.

Jeyanandh Paramesh Photo

Jeyanandh | | A314 HH

Assistant Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research interests include RF and mixed-signal circuit silicon integrated circuits for a variety of applications including wireless communication and medical implantables. He is also interested in the application of digital signal processing algorithms to assist and enhance the performance of the design of mixed-signal integrated circuits.


Yoed | 412-268-2204 | 321 SH

Professor - Mechanical Engineering

Professor Rabin's research is in the area of thermal sciences, with emphasis on biomedical engineering. Research activity at the Biothermal Technology Laboratory, directed by Prof. Rabin, is focused on cryopreservation (preservation of tissues at very low temperatures), cryosurgery (destruction of undesired tissue by freezing), and hyperthermia (destruction of tissues at elevated temperatures).

Alan Rosenbloom Photo

Alan | 412-268-6430 | 1207 HBH

Research Scientist - ICES

Microchip-based sensor systems, detection of PNA-DNA binding by dialectic resonance spectroscopy, microdialysis of proteins, and nanoporous silicon carbide. He currently researches the development of patient-physician interface using non-invasive, miniaturized, multifunctional sensors that report molecular events within the patient to the physician in order to improve the data gathering process.

Lee Weiss Photo

Lee | 412-268-7657 | 3113 NSH

Research Professor - Robotics Institute

Lee Weiss is interested in the application of advanced manufacturing processes to create technology-based solutions to challenging problems in health care delivery. His current research interests include: tissue engineering; biological patterning of hormones using inkjet printing; biodegradable implantable electronics; computer vision-based cell tracking; and, digital fabrication.