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NEEP Partners

Industrial Partners:

International Partners:

Primary International Collaborators

EMPA-Mat. Sci & Technology, Switzerland
Lead Contact: Bernd Nowak, Technology & Society Lab
Laboratory’s expertise: LCA, risk assessment and fate modeling of NPs in the environment

EAWAG, Switzerland
Lead Contact: Kirsten Schirmer, Head-Cellular Toxicology
Laboratory’s expertise: Environmental toxicology

CEREGE, France
Lead Contact: JY Bottero & J. Rose, Director, (CEREGE)
Laboratory’s expertise: Characterization of nanomaterials, reactivity and transport, EXAFS

Other potential collaborators through CEINT

Wageningen Inst. for Environ. & Climate Research, Netherlands
Lead Contact: Bart Koelmans, Aquatic Ecology and WQ Mgmt.
Laboratory’s expertise: Fate and bioavailability of NPs in water and sediment

IOM (Inst. of Occup. Medicine, UK
Lead Contact: Lang Tran, Head-Toxicology
Laboratory’s expertise: Human health risks from exposure to nanoparticles and fibers

Lab. de Chimie de la Mati, Cond., France
Lead Contact: J-P. Jolvet, Professor
Laboratory’s expertise: Synthesis of metal oxide NPs and polymer-Fe-oxide composites

ITBA (Instituto Tecnologico de Beunos Aires), Argentina
Lead Contact: Maria Fidalgo, Assoc. Prof. Chem. Eng.
Laboratory’s expertise: Surface modification of NPs and Transport and Fate