Apply-Engineering Research Accelerator - Carnegie Mellon University

NEEP Application

NEEP-IGERT @ Carnegie Mellon is a highly interdisciplinary research program involving faculty and students from following departments.

NEEP-IGERT traineeships are available for motivated students from engineering, chemistry, and related fields. Students with a B.S. and/or M.S. degree in engineering or related field are encouraged to apply.

NEEP applicants are required to submit an additional essay directly to the NEEP Faculty Principal Investigator, Jeanne VanBriesen, This essay should articulate the applicant’s goals, his/her special reasons for seeking an interdisciplinary degree program, and how s/he sees ethical considerations and social policy implications affecting his/her future research career.

Interested students should apply for admission directly with the NEEP-IGERT associated department listed below. Upon admission to that department’s Ph.D. program, you will be considered for a NEEP Traineeship. Please follow the program application deadlines for each department as listed below. NEEP-IGERT students will be offered fall admittance only.

IGERT-NEEP @ Carnegie Mellon includes researchers from the following Centers at Carnegie Mellon University: