Transcripts & Verifications-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Students will need to request and present official university documents for a variety of reasons both during and after enrollment at Carnegie Mellon University. The HUB is the sole source of official academic documents including transcripts, verifications, academic records and more. The University Registrar's Office is responsible for the maintenance and documentation of all academic records. The HUB and University Registrar's Office provide timely services in meeting these student needs.

IMPORTANT: If this is your first semester at Carnegie Mellon, you will not be able to receive an official transcript until final grades have been posted. 

Document Fees

There is a $5 per-document fee for all official transcripts. There are also extra fees for express mailing, depending on service and destination.

There is no fee for verification letters, although Diploma Authentication letters, as well as any document which must be notarized, will add a $20 notarization fee per document.

Unofficial Transcripts

Carnegie Mellon does not produce unofficial transcripts. Enrolled students can, however, produce an Unofficial Academic Record through Student Information Online.

Electronic Transcripts

At this time, Carnegie Mellon does not produce electronic transcripts, nor do we submit transcripts electronically (e.g. via fax or e-mail), for security purposes. We are investigating various methods for transmitting secured electronic transcripts in the future, but these are not currently available.

For questions about transcripts, email