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Division of Enrollment Services

The Division of Enrollment Services includes six administrative departments: The HUB, University Registrar's Office, Student Financial Aid, Student Accounts Office, Summer Studies, and Campus Affairs Systems. The division leads and delivers integrated administrative services that support students' academic goals from enrollment through graduation. At the same time, the staff strives to champion collaborative administrative services and counsel for all CMU campuses and programs in alignment with the university's strengths in technology and effectiveness.

Lisa Krieg serves as Associate Vice President for Campus Affairs and Director of Enrollment Services. She can be contacted at


The HUB staff delivers comprehensive service and counsel to students and families regarding financial aid, billing and payment, and registration and records.  And, in direct support of student enrollment and persistence, The HUB offers students and families highly integrated information through personal attention and technologically responsive tools in a professional, forward-thinking, and accessible environment.

Brian Fernandes serves as Associate Director of Enrollment Services and can be contacted at

University Registrar's Office

The University Registrar's Office performs the essential roles of administering the collection and maintenance of student records, ensuring their accuracy and integrity, and enforcing academic policies while providing the best possible services. The University Registrar's Office aspires to provide exceptional, environmentally-conscious services, while anticipating and meeting growing customer requirements with innovative processes, training and self service applications. The office strives to foster and promote an environment of professional development and appreciation.

John Papinchak serves as University Registrar and can be contacted at

Student Financial Aid

In alignment with the university's enrollment goals, Student Financial Aid consistently optimizes the utilization of all financial aid resources in order to recruit and retain a high quality and diverse student population. Student Financial Aid strives to deliver superior services that exceed the expectations of students, parents, and internal and external constituencies. Student Financial Aid identifies, creates and delivers strategies that facilitate the integration of financial aid policies. These policies align with current and future university recruitment, retention and enrollment priorities. 

Linda Anderson serves as Director of Student Financial Aid and can be contacted at

Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office serves the university's various academic and administrative departments by processing and invoicing all student-related financial activity and managing the corresponding student financial obligations resulting from this activity. The office strives to serve students by accurately reflecting and communicating these financial obligations, providing timely and consistent responses to inquiries, and instilling financial responsibility and accountability with clear and concise guidance.

Brian Hill serves as Director of Student Accounts and can be contacted at

Summer Studies

The Summer Studies position was established in the summer of 2012. In the first year, the office will create a strategic plan to guide best practices in summer programming. This will include: documenting current practices, analyzing all facets of the process, as well as developing a marketing and communication plan. View the Summer Studies website for more information.

Amy Yearwood serves as Associate Director of Enrollment Services for Summer Studies and can be contacted at

Campus Affairs Systems

The Campus Affairs Systems department is charged with orchestrating the IT environment within the Campus Affairs Division. The department supports the student information system applications with system administrators, business analysts, and web developers. The department's goal is to provide IT support and interface between and among the various application owners/users and the central IT technicians.

Darleen LaBarbera serves as Director of Campus Affairs Systems and can be contacted at