Billing & Payments-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

The finance section on Student Information Online (SIO) is a resource for all students to:

  • view their most current account activity
  • register and manage online banking for payments and refunds
  • make a payment towards account balance
  • add or edit third-party email addresses for invoice notifications
  • download invoices and tax documents
  • view financial aid awards and federal loan information

Authorized users, other than the student, may access student account invoices, account activity, and enrollment verifications via My Plaid Student (MPS).

Student Account Invoices

The Student Accounts Office generates invoices on the last day of each month and sends email notifications to student Andrew email addresses when the invoice is ready for viewing. Invoice notifications are also sent to those enrolled in MPS. Account balances may change frequently, so all students are encouraged to visit SIO for their most current account balance.

Students that graduate or withdraw will continue to receive invoices through the fiscal year of their graduation or withdrawal (e.g. through June 30). If a graduated or withdrawn student carries a balance past May in that same fiscal year, or generates a new balance, invoices will continue for two months following payment in full.

Departmentally supported students and sponsored students will continue to receive invoices in addition to the unique billing and payment processes associated with their enrollment.

Payment Deadlines

Charges incurred during the month are due on the 15th of the following month. You can view a complete list of semester payment due dates on our website and your latest invoice can be viewed by visiting SIO.

The amount due on your student account may adjust as classes are added or dropped, but payment should be made based on the amount due on the latest invoice. Students and families can use a wide variety of payment options to pay balances due.