Carnegie Mellon University


Division of Enrollment Services


Lisa Krieg

Associate Vice President
& Director of Enrollment Services

Lisa Krieg (M.A., Columbia University, and B.A., Cornell University) serves as Associate Vice President and Director of Enrollment Services. Since 2009, as the Director of Enrollment Services, Lisa has overseen the activities of the University Registrar's Office, Student Financial Aid Office, Student Accounts Office, The HUB centralized student services unit, Enrollment Systems, and the Office of International Education. Focusing on strategic planning and assessment, student systems development, and cohesive service delivery, together with her leadership team, she has addressed significant areas of improvement in the realms of communication, divisional reputation, and responsiveness. From 2001 to 2008, Lisa served as the Director of the Office of International Education at Carnegie Mellon. She is a Fulbright International Administrators grantee (2005), a recipient of a Carnegie Mellon Andy Award for Outstanding University Citizenship (2007) and a nominee along with other S3 (Student Services Suite) team members for the Carnegie Mellon Andy Award for Innovation (2012.) Lisa is a member of an Association of American Universities (AAU) constituent group for senior enrollment managers. Her recent volunteer work has included serving on non-profit boards for the Society of Contemporary Craft (2006 to 2012) and the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania (2012.)