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Current Faculty and Staff Guides

Workday allows faculty and staff members to view, update and complete self-service human resources, benefits, payroll and academic appointment transactions. Several web-based resources are available to help you navigate Workday processes. Click on the topic areas below for guides, helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions related to tasks employees can complete through Workday.

View and Update Your Benefit Elections

Following IRS regulations, you can make changes to your benefits consistent with your life or family status change within 30 days of the date the status change occurred. If you miss the 30-day enrollment period, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment period or until you have another qualifying life event to make changes to your benefits.

Supporting documentation to verify a status change is required. Please review Benefits for Dependents and the accepted dependent eligibility documentation [pdf] for additional details.

View and Update Your Dependent Information

When adding a dependent to your benefits, you will need to answer "NO" when asked if you would like to "Use your new dependent as a beneficiary." Answering "NO" will have no future implications and will allow you to populate the relationship field appropriately on the subsequent page. Beneficiary information is not recorded in Workday; rather it is held directly with MetLife, the university's life insurance vendor.

It is important to carefully review dependent information when adding a dependent through Workday. Any changes to dependent information after it is submitted will need to be completed by the HR Service Center.

View and Update Your Retirement Savings Plan Elections

Retirement savings contributions can be elected or changed at any time and become effective the first day of the following month. If you are changing your election to zero, the effective date can be the first day of the month in which you are making the change. All other changes are effective the first day of the following month. For more information on Retirement Contributions, please visit the Retirement Savings page on the Human Resources website.

Apply for Employee Tuition Remission Benefits

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff members may be eligible to receive tuition remission or assistance for courses taken at CMU or at another institution. Eligibility for tuition benefits is dependent on length of service to CMU, whether you are a staff or faculty member, and whether you are a full-time or part-time employee. For more information on tuition benefits, please visit the Tuition Benefits section of the Human Resources website.

Apply for Dependent Tuition Remission Benefits

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff members may be eligible to receive tuition remission or assistance for their dependent children after they meet the specified time-based eligibility criteria. Courses may be taken at CMU or at another institution. For more information on tuition benefits for dependent children, please visit the Tuition Benefits section of the Human Resources website.

Designate Life Insurance Beneficiary

While life insurance beneficiary information is not stored in Workday, designating a life insurance beneficiary is accomplished via a link from Workday to a MetLife web portal.

Entering Hours Worked

Employees are responsible for maintaining accurate time cards in Workday if they are paid hourly. Time worked must be recorded, submitted and approved prior to the payroll deadline in order to receive pay on your normally scheduled payday. Any hours not approved by the payroll deadline for that pay period will be subject to the retroactive approval deadlines. For a full list of payroll deadlines, please see the Payroll Calendars.

Employees who are paid hourly and need to enter time in Workday will be sent regular reminders to enter and submit their time. These reminders are automatically generated by the system each week, as employees are encouraged to enter their time on a weekly basis. Employees who are required to enter hours in Workday are not able to turn off these notifications.

If you an hourly employee and are currently unable to enter hours in Workday, there are several possible causes. Below are the most common:

  • All hourly employees are temporarily locked out of their time entry calendar on the day after the payroll transaction deadline for that pay period. Please note that you will not be able to enter any retroactive hours during a payroll lockout. Changes after the payroll transaction deadline will be accounted for in the subsequent pay cycle as long as they are approved by the retroactive deadline. 
  • Your department has not yet added your job or has recently made a change to your job. In this case, please consult with your department.

If you have questions about when you will be able to enter your time, please contact the HR Service Center.

Request Time Off

The university provides several types of benefits to accommodate your needs to take time off. The eligibility requirements and compensation/benefits for each type of leave differ. In all cases, you should notify your manager and seek approval for time away from the office with as much advance notice as possible.

View Time Off Balances

To find your Paid Time Off balance, select the Time Off icon. Under the View section, select Time Off Balance. You can then select the Balance as of Date based on a past, current or future date. Please note that your Paid Time Off balance is shown in hours rather than days. It is also broken down by Floating Holiday, Reserve Sick Day and Paid Time Off hours.

Edit Time Off Requests

You are able to make corrections using the Time Off Correction function in Workday after the time request has been approved, even if the original request has already been paid.

There are two options available to correct time off in Workday: you can either delete the entry entirely or adjust the amount of time using the Daily Quantity field. Once adjustments are made, you manager will need to approve the correction. Please note that if you are on leave, the Leaves Manager will need to approve the change.

For other information related to Time, please visit the Time FAQ.

Update Personal Information

As a federal contractor, Carnegie Mellon University is required to obtain and report demographic data on its employees; therefore, CMU invites all employees to voluntarily self-identify their race, ethnicity, sex, disability and veteran status. Your submission of this information is voluntary. You may choose “I do not wish to answer” as a response to any of the status questions.

Please note that the form will require you to make a selection from the Military Status list in order to submit your Personal Information. A Military Discharge Date is not a required field. 

Update Contact Information

Your primary address should reflect your permanent address, as it is used for taxation purposes. However, you will still need to update your tax elections in Workday after updating your primary address in order for your tax elections to reflect your new address. Your primary address must be a street address and not a post office box or work department address. Terminated employees will need to contact the HR Service Center to have their address updated in Workday.

You can update your work phone number in Workday. Your other work contact information is provided by your hiring department; you will need to work with your hiring department to update this information in Workday. 

It is important to provide at least one person to contact in the case of an emergency. This information can be updated at any point through Workday, where you can add information for a primary emergency contact and alternate emergency contacts.

Change Legal Name

To change a legal name in Workday, at least one form of proof of legal name change must be provided. Acceptable forms of proof include a Social Security card showing updated name or a letter from the Social Security Administration verifying legal name.

Change Preferred Name

Carnegie Mellon University recognizes that faculty and staff members may prefer to use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. In acknowledgement of the diverse community at Carnegie Mellon, the university supports the use of preferred names by faculty and staff, while maintaining the legal-name requirements for official records and data integrity.

Setting your preferred name in Workday will update your preferred name in the CMU Directory and the global contact lookups in Exchange and G Suite. Please note that some systems may have a standalone copy of your name data that is not affected by Workday updates. You should contact that system’s owner to request changes or contact Computing Services for assistance on updating those platforms.

Update Self-Identification of Disability 

Federal law requires that CMU invite each of its faculty and staff members, as well as applicants, to complete a voluntary self-identification survey, which includes a question about disability status. Use the guide below to complete or update this form at any time. 

Unsubscribe from CMU-Alert 

Faculty and staff will automatically receive CMU-Alert messages to their email, office phone and personal phone numbers listed in Workday. If you wish to receive text alerts, you must identify your personal number as a mobile device in the drop-down menu in Workday. 

While discouraged, faculty and staff have the ability to opt out of receiving emergency alerts to their mobile and/or other personal phone numbers.

Manage Your Direct Deposit Payment Elections

All employees are encouraged to set up for direct deposit through their Payment Elections in Workday. A Social Security number must be on file for direct deposit to be approved. If you do not yet have a Social Security number, you will need to pick up physical checks from the HR Service Center on or after your pay date. Checks will be held for one month before being mailed to the address on file. 

Payment elections must be established in Workday prior to pay period deadlines to be effective for that pay date. For payroll deadline calendars and other helpful resources related to pay, please see Payroll Resources.

View Your Payslips

All available payslips are available through the Pay worklet under the View > Payslips menu. You can also view the five most recent payslips in the Payslips section of the Pay worklet.

See the Pay Statements FAQ page for answers to common questions on paychecks and pay statements.

View and Update Your Tax Withholding Elections

Employee tax withholdings elections (IRS Form W-4) are managed by accessing the electronic tax forms available in Workday. A valid Social Security number is required to access these forms.

It is the responsibility of the employee to determine tax withholdings elections. The HR Service Center cannot advise on how employees should complete the W-4 form. 

View Your W-2 Tax Forms

Current employees can view payslips and W-2 tax forms (2015 to present) in Workday. W-2 tax forms are distributed annually via U.S. mail. Please use the W-2/1042-S Replacement Request Form [pdf] if you did not receive your W-2, no longer have access to Workday, or are requesting additional copies or reprints of your W-2.

Foreign National Information System (FNIS)

The Foreign National Information System (FNIS) is used to determine if foreign nationals have any tax benefits based on country of origin, length of stay, type of visa and type of earnings. It searches for any applicable tax treaties and/or exemptions that can be applied directly to the foreign national’s pay. Answers to common questions about FNIS can be found on the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) FAQ page.  

Payroll Taxes

Answers to common and frequently asked tax questions can be found by visiting the Tax Resources and Payroll Taxes FAQ pages. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact the HR Service Center.

Workday Mobile allows you to complete Workday tasks from your smartphone or tablet. While not all Workday functions are available through the Workday Mobile app, it is a convenient way to update personal information, request time off and log hours.