Carnegie Mellon University

Hiring and Managing Student Workers

number 1 icon  Recruiting a Student Worker

  • Post the position and find candidates. Once your department has determined the need for a student worker, you should draft a job description and post the opening as proactively as possible to recruit the strongest group of candidates. CMU's Career & Professional Development Center manages the Handshake job posting platform for on-campus employment. CPDC also provides information on the student worker recruiting and interview process
  • Select a candidate and offer the position. Once a candidate is selected, use CPDC's offer letter templates to communicate the rate, hours and other details of the position for the candidate to officially accept. A signed offer letter (or email confirmation if unable to sign) can be used as hiring documentation in Workday.

number 2 icon  Hiring a Student Worker in Workday 

At least one week before the student worker begins work:

  • Create an open position in your supervisory organization in Workday.
    • Your supervisory organization may already have open positions available to be filled. Department Initiators can check for open positions: under the Hiring application in Workday, select View "Open Positions."
    • If there are no open positions in your supervisory organization that match the new student worker's position, you must create a position in Workday. Please note that the Earliest Hire Date field will determine when the hire can be processed. This does not have to be the employee's hire date, but it must be on or before the day the student worker will begin working for your department.
  • Hire the student worker into the new position. 
    • Once you have an appropriate open position in your supervisory organization, you can hire the student worker in Workday. Use the Workday search bar to search for the student by Andrew ID.
      • If your search brings up a record for the student, they have previously worked at CMU and you can proceed with the Hire process in Workday. 
      • If your search does not bring up a record for the student, follow the instructions in the Manage Hourly Student Positions and Hire System Guide [pdf] to create a record for the student in Workday.  
    • Return to the Workday home screen and select Employee Changes. The Manage Hourly Student Positions and Hire System Guide [pdf] will walk you through the process of hiring the student into an open position. on the Add Job screen, be sure to attach an offer letter or memo for processing. Follow the prompts in Workday to enter costing and compensation information. Once these steps are completed, the hire will automatically route for approval. 

number 3 icon  Setting Student Workers up for Success

Before a Student Worker's First Day of Work:

  • Inform the student of the Form I-9 requirement. 
    • Federal law requires CMU to verify the employment eligibility and identity of all employees hired to work in the United States through a Form I-9. If a student already has a Workday profile and/or currently holds a position at CMU, they may have already met this requirement. If you completed an SIS integration to add the student to Workday during the Hire process, the student will need to complete the Form I-9. To comply with federal I-9 regulations, employees and student workers working at a U.S. campus location must complete the following steps within the noted timeframes:
      1. Complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 in Workday no later than the first day of employment.
      2. Work with an authorized representative to complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 within three days of the first day of employment. 
    • Refer to the Form I-9 and E-Verify pages for detailed instructions for completing or updating the Form I-9.
  • If the student worker does not have a Social Security number, they should apply as soon as possible. Refer them to the Pittsburgh Location Student Workers page or the Non-Pittsburgh Location Student Workers page, as applicable, for more information on applying for an SSN.
  • Ensure the student worker is paid for their work in a timely manner.
    • Student workers are encouraged to set up direct deposit with a U.S. bank account. This is done in Workday once the Form I-9 is completed; refer to the Add and Change Direct Deposit Elections Quick Guide [pdf] for instructions. Direct deposit is particularly pertinent to students paid via stipend, as the deadline to have a bank account on file is often one week before their first pay date.
    • Student workers who are paid hourly must submit their time worked each week in Workday to be approved by their supervisor or time approver. Time worked must be submitted and approved before the biweekly pay deadline. Refer to Payroll Calendars for time approval deadlines and pay dates. 

number 4 icon  Making Employment or Compensation Changes

  • Paying Student Workers Through Awards and Activity Pay/One-Time Payment:
    • Student awards or compensation for one-time services can be paid through Workday if the student already has an active Workday profile. If the student has not worked on campus previously, or has no current tax liability with CMU, the award should be paid through Accounts Payable
    • If a student has an active Workday profile and a current position on campus, the award can be requested in Workday by a transaction initiator. When initiating the request, please have a memo and Activity Pay and One-Time Payment Form ready to attach to the transaction. Please note that all information and dates in the memo and form must match the information and dates in Workday. Visit the Activity Pay and One-Time Payments page for system guides, guidance and templates.
    • If a student has a Workday profile but is not actively employed on campus, please contact HR Services for advice. 
    • The award, activity pay or one-time payment must be issued before the student's position is ended in Workday.
  • Hourly Pay Rate Adjustments for Student Workers:
    • Student hourly pay rates are adjusted through a job change in Workday. When asked, "Why are you making this change?", select "change job details." If the new pay rate is to be applied retroactively, the job change should be made using that effective date. Be sure to attach a memo with the new rate and effective date. If you receive an error message regarding the effective date, please contact HR Services
  • Stipend Amount Adjustments — Exempt Graduate Student Positions Only:
    • Stipend amount adjustments are completed through a job change in Workday. When asked, "Why are you making this change?", select "change job details." Be sure to enter the correct effective date, as this will be the date the stipend adjustment starts. A memo must be attached to the transaction and must contain the following information:
      • The new stipend amount (note whether this is a monthly or semi-monthly amount)
      • Fully taxable or PA tax exempt
      • Tuition coverage (stipend with or without tuition)
      • Effective start and end dates of stipend
    • The transaction will flow through the approval path in Workday and then route to the HR Service Center.
  • Moving a Student Worker and Other Organization Changes: Occasionally, a student worker will need to be moved to a new organization while keeping the same position. These changes to supervisory organizations and role assignments are made in Workday.