Carnegie Mellon University

Personal Information FAQs

The "time in position" and "time in job profile" fields include the date of the last manual change made to your personnel record. Examples of a manual change to your personnel record include a change in your job classification or job profile code, or a return from an unpaid leave of absence. 

The Change Personal Information Quick Guide [pdf] provides instructions on updating personal information in Workday.

Because it is used for taxation purposes, your primary home address must be a physical, U.S. domestic address. It cannot be a post office box, SMC, RR#, etc. You have the option to enter additional addresses for mailing purposes. 

Students should update their home address via Student Information Online (SIO). A daily integration from SIO will update your information in Workday. If your new address does not appear in Workday a day after updating in SIO, contact the HR Service Center to update your address on your behalf.

To update your work phone number, refer to the Update Contact Information (Home, Work, Emergency) System Guide [pdf].

To update your work location, refer to the Change Work Space System Guide [pdf].


Tax withholdings are managed in Workday. The Electronic Tax Forms Quick Guide [pdf] provides instructions on updating this information in Workday.

Change your legal name under the Personal Information section of Workday. The Legal Name Change Quick Guide [pdf] provides instructions. Be sure to attach supporting documentation, such as a Social Security card with your new (updated) name, prior to submitting the change.