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Kathryn Kukla '12

KuklaWhen she was a young girl, Kathryn Kukla wasn’t shy about telling people what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I was going to be a doctor, a vet, and an architect. I was determined,” says Kukla. But a serendipitous class at a 4-H Roundup program set Kukla, then in the seventh grade, down a slightly different path. It turned out that Kukla had a knack for engineering, and she learned about another career choice that would allow her to combine all of her interests—biomedical engineering. MORE

Chelsea Weber ’12

Chelsea WeberChelsea Weber came to Carnegie Mellon to pursue her dream of becoming an equine veterinarian, which may seem a bit strange when you consider that Carnegie Mellon doesn't offer a pre-vet major. But the decision made perfect sense to Weber.

“Everyone knows that Carnegie Mellon is a great school with really strong academics, so I knew that I would get a good education. And there are a lot of opportunities in Pittsburgh for getting veterinary experience,” said Weber, a junior biological sciences major. MORE

Eda Akyar ’11

Eda Akyar ’11 Eda Akyar has always had a huge interest in global health, and she didn’t want to wait until medical school to pursue her passion. Now a senior biological sciences major, she worked with several of her peers to establish a chapter of Global Medical Brigades, an international student-led global health organization, at Carnegie Mellon in 2008 after being inspired by her sister, who traveled with the New York University Global Medical Brigades chapter earlier that year. MORE

Brad Edelman ’12

Brad EdelmanGrowing up in Denver, Colorado, Brad Edelman '12 loved working on cars and figuring how all the pieces fit together. Now, the junior Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering major has channeled that inquisitiveness into figuring out how the human body operates. With his sights set on medical school, Edelman has been exploring and preparing for the medical field in a variety of ways. MORE

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