Alumni Profiles-Health Professions Program - Carnegie Mellon University

Amanda Paulovich ’88

Amanda PaulovichCancer care is at a crossroads. Science has identified key genes and proteins that go awry and result in this life-threatening illness, yet major advancements in the treatment of the disease remain rare. That's because many cancers are discovered only after they have spread throughout the body, making them difficult to cure.

Carnegie Mellon alumna Amanda Paulovich (S’88) wants to change this picture. She says the key to improving early detection and treatment is using cancer's molecular footprints. MORE

Krista Pfaendler '02

Krista Pfaendler

Pfaendler, who earned her B.S. in Biological Sciences from MCS in 2002, made her first trip to Africa in 2004. The year before, she established the Kenyan Pediatric HIV Project (KPHP) at the University of Pittsburgh, a student group that provides funding for supportive care to HIV-positive children in Kenya. MORE