Carnegie Mellon University

Lab Course Options

Unlike many colleges and universities, CMU offers only standalone laboratory courses.  To fulfill the typical 2 credits of laboratory work for biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, CMU students should take a minimum of 6 units of laboratory work for each of these courses.


03-124 Modern Biology Laboratory, 9.0 units (Taken by most people who are not Biological Sciences majors)

03-343 Experimental Techniques in Molecular Biology, 12.0 units (Taken by Biological Sciences majors)

03-206 Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, 9.0 units (Taken by Pre-Health students)


09-221 Laboratory I: Introduction to Chemical Analysis, 12.0 units

09-222 Laboratory II: Organic Synthesis and Analysis, 12.0 units


33-100 Basic Experimental Physics, 6.0 units

33-104 Experimental Physics, 9.0 units